Don't Talk to Irene

Don't Talk to Irene
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Funny movie. Loved the positivity of it. Some may not like the language but if you can get past that, you'll enjoy it.

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Clever, good acting, wonderful roles for the senior cast. A classic retelling of a band of misfits that find each other. It's quirky but not saccharine. Love the queer edge. Great ending.

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Wow what an amazing film. It brought tears to my eyes. For anyone who didn't fit in in high school-watch this movie. Inspiring.

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This was absolutely wonderful. I loved the character, Irene. Geena Davis was terrific. Great story and ending. A must see.

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A mean spirited film passing itself off as comedy.

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This is a real feel good movie and can relate. My career is with the elders and love it knowing I felt that uncomfortably of being fat but smart and had empowering family and friends. I recommend this movie absolutely!

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Cute movie!

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This was an absolute treat to watch. I'm surprised I never heard of it when it came out -- it seems like it would have been a hit -- but I guess as an American I don't hear about movies set and filmed in Canada. Agree with the comparisons to Napoleon Dynamite - if you loved that movie you'll ...Read more

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thanks, that made the decision for me!

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Really cute movie!

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Cute movie :)
Brought me a lot of joy!

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cute movie

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A sweet story for fans of Napoleon Dynamite

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Disfrute muchisimo esta pelicula en especial porque la vi con mis hijos, y espero que a ellos les haya ensenado mucho este personaje de Irene. La historia es fantastica, me hizo reir muchisimo y la leccion de vida que ensena a grandes y jovenes es fantastica.

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Such a wonderful little gem of a movie. Great acting. Strong script. And unlike Thelma and Louise - a happy ending for once! (There's no such thing as a small role when it comes to the majestic Geena Davis...)

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I wish I had this movie to watch when I was young. Really beautiful and heart warming.

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Great film. Well done.

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