Drinking Buddies

Drinking Buddies
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This movie went in a direction I was absolutely not expecting. I was pretty devastated. Don't write DRINKING BUDDIES off!

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I hope these characters were supposed to be in their early 20s because you can't live that kind of lifestyle for too long and look as good as this cast looked, especially the women. This well-acted film shows the good side of alcoholism, but very little of the downside.

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Frank Sherman

THIS MOVIE is what happens when you get Business IDEAS and artist IDEAS in the same room. And trust me, I was enjoying it al lthe way through. BUT Buster and I didn't finish it. I don't htink we will , because it was very predictable. BUT i liked the cinematography.

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Frank Sherman

very modern

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Well-written and acted. The characters seem familiar because we know people like Kate and Luke. We might have been Kate and Luke. A nice little plot twist towards the end made it all the more satisfying, IMO.

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Great movie. Dudes should know that women like Kate are hot in their 20s and early 30s, but the drinking gets to them and they fade fast before 40. The same with the Lukes of the world. They're fun to be around while young (in small quantities), but how many decent women really want to ...Read more

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This is not a comedy. Unless you find sad, boring films hilarious.

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This wasn't a comedy, but it was a great movie. Real, entertaining and believable. Solid acting throughout.

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D'ya like beer? D'ya like great ensemble acting from the likes of Joe Swanberg (Digging for Fire). This is a good one.

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