The Early Works of Cheryl Dunye
6 Short Films by a Groundbreaking Female Filmmaker

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A compilation of 3 works by pioneering filmmaker Marlon Riggs addressing issues of black gay male identity and confronting HIV/AIDS. Marlon Riggs died with HIV/AIDS in 1994 and was dedicated to confronting the urgency of the AIDS epidemic in African American communities and especially among black gay men. ANTHEM (9…
Academy Award winner Tilda Swinton personally conducts an intimate cinematic commemoration of the life, times, and work of UK filmmaker, artist, and renegade Derek Jarman in Derek. Both a "heartbreaking and giddily alive biopic" and an "accomplished homage" (Art Forum), Isaac Julien's Derek is a joyful requiem celebrating Derek Jarman's…
Sergei / Sir Gay - Examining Homoerotic References in Sergei Eisenstein's Films
Sergei Eisenstein, one of the greatest and most influential filmmakers of all time, was also a brilliant plastic artist. His thousands and thousands of drawings are superb--as are the hundreds of homoerotic drawings he made for his own amusement, never meant for publication. In this video, the homoerotic references in…
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Profiling legendary jazz trumpeter Tiny Davis and her partner of over 40 years, drummer-pianist Ruby Lucas, Tiny & Ruby: Hell Divin' Women weaves together rare jazz recordings, live performances, vintage photographs, and narrative poetry by Cheryl Clarke. Tiny's contribution to jazz history is documented in an informal, intimate style in…
The Watermelon Woman
Cheryl Dunye plays a version of herself in this witty, nimble landmark of New Queer Cinema. A video store clerk and fledgling filmmaker, Cheryl becomes obsessed with the "most beautiful mammy," a character she sees in a 1930s movie. Determined to find out who the actress she knows only as…
The Best of Boys in Love - Seven Award-Winning LGBT Short Films
The Best of Boys in Love is a wildly diverse collection of films that mixes styles, settings, and stories ranging from "elegant gay romance" (Frontiers), to a musical send-up of Hollywood, to an "exquisite period piece" (Village Voice) set in New Zealand.
A film about a popular African American student, Olivia, who is outed by her friends after she acts on feelings for a new girl at her high school. Written by Janaya Greene when she was a high school senior on the South Side of Chicago, Veracity explores the tensions and…
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"It Came From Kuchar gleefully piles on everything that anyone could want in a ocumentary on the fabulous Kuchar brothers." - VARIETY. In a portrait The New York Times calls "affectionate and fascinating," filmmaker Jennifer M. Kroot examines the lives of legendary filmmaker twins George and Mike Kuchar from their…
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Films produced by Janis Crystal Lipzin from 2003 to 2014.
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Caren Cross began her filmmaking career as writer/director of award winning documentary Lost and Found in Mexico. The film focuses on the reasons why U.S. citizens move to Mexico. *Gracie Award Winner, American Women of Radio and Television.
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Christian D'Andrea is credited with co-developing a widely used energy bar for soldiers and civilians alike called SoldierFuel(tm); an idea he came up with while working on HALO: Freefall Warriors, a documentary he created and executive produced for Discovery Communication. D'Andrea produced Searching for God in Iraq, a six-part documentary…