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Wonderful, inspiring film! Compelling story with a great blend of humor and solemn moments. Congrats to the cast for memorable performances, especially Diana Torres as Juana. One of the best I've seen so far on kanopy. 4.5 stars

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Sweet and enjoyable.
The story felt a little incomplete. Waiting for part two, Juana's Fusion Sushi restaurant.

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Beautiful film. Celebrates diversity and crossing cultural and culinary borders. Good shots of Oakland, CA. Highly recommend.

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Refreshing, a joy to watch

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Cute and feel-good movie, though probably such stuff rarely happens in real life. And let's not forget that it's not only Japanese culture to be chauvinistic, even today there are still too few female head chefs in Western restaurants.

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Loved it, just wish the director had approached the movie more delicately.

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Heartwarming and well-acted story.

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Great actors and story . . . smoothed the edges of a hard situation . . . while making an important impact. Well done!

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I've been meaning to watch this film for a while and I'm glad I finally did! What a heartwarming story about the resilience of a woman in a place that rejects her in more than one way. Cool to see some East Bay sites, too! Ashby Flea Market (I think), Tokyo Fish Market, Tacos Sinaloa - anyone ...Read more

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Most of the restaurant scenes were shot at Coach Sushi on Grand Avenue.

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You will not be agle to recogonize those places for long! :(

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Sweet movie with so much truth, and it made me hungry!

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Thoughtfully made film for the entire family. Much food for thought (sorry not sorry :) Read yrs ago traditionally women were not allowed bc they'd "pollute" the food during their monthly.

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As good as it gets..a 'feel good' movie that doesn't languish in over-sweetening characters or story lines. Fine performances and engaging from start to finish. Muy bueno!

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We adored this movie. Compelling story and lovable characters. Grab a spicy tuna roll, sit back, and enjoy the warm fuzzies.

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Loved it! Good story/Great acting--a bit of hope that we all will learn to get along together.

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A precious gem of a film!

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Huggie Bear

Many layers of juxtaposition at play: Mexican/Japanese, east/west, male/female, working class/power, immigrant/native. The switching back and forth between Mexican Spanish, English, Japanese languages and/or combinations of it was a bit jarring at times. Understandably the movie is geared ...Read more

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Wonderful film highlighting open-minded exploration and acceptance of other cultures.

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Maria Elena

What a lovely film. Loving the Mexican/Japonés connection and story. There are many of these cross-cultural stories yet untold. ¡Bravo!

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I enjoyed it!

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Really liked it.

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what a great movie! I loved it.

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I was fortunate to get to see a special screening of this film at my college. It's a terrific film that has stayed in my mind since I watched it a few weeks ago, unlike some films that are easily forgotten. This film has several themes including "gender roles and sushi rolls", as well as ...Read more

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