Echoes of the Past in Mexico

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Americans have been living the expat life in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, for more than 50 years. Recently, though, their numbers have increased dramatically. Real estate has boomed. Some residents seek all the amenities they have at home, but at half the price. Why do Americans choose to live…
If It Doesn't Rain - Si No Llueve
What is poverty? This short documentary on households and communities in rural Southern Mexico reveals the complexities of this question and strategies people use to manage and minimize risk. Designed to provoke discussion, this disc includes three in-depth special features (Trout Farm, Oportunidades, The Tequio System) on community projects and…
Discover Latino History & The History of Mexico
Part of the Series: Discover Latino History
The fascinating and ancient land of Mexico is detailed in this dynamic program. Explore the rich history of Mexico from ancient civilizations through to modern day. Discover how the Aztec and Maya evolved, gain a better understanding of ancient Mexico and discover why America and Mexico were once at "war".
Inside the National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City
Part of the Series: Museum Secrets Series 2
This impressive modern museum, visited by 2 million people every year, tells the story of Mexico from before the Aztec civilization to the Spanish conquest. In this episode, a chemical engineer and some Mexican athletes help us discover whether the rubber ball used on the ancient Aztec playing field contained…
Part of the Series: Frontiers
Richard Rodriguez showed how the rich North and poor South converged at the US/Mexican border.
Our Lady Of Guadalupe
A moving and heart-felt tribute to the faith of the pilgrims, who come to Mexico City to worship their Holy Mother, the Queen of Mexico, and the Empress of all the Americas.
January 1, 1994. The day the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) comes into effect. A few minutes after midnight in Southeastern Mexico, several thousand Mayan soldiers take over half the state of Chiapas, declaring a war against the global corporate power they say rules Mexico. They call themselves the…
Juana's Journey - El Viaje De Juana
For years, Juana, who is 18 years old, was a drug addict who lived in a street gang in Mexico City. Her little 3-year old daughter suffers most under Juana's depressions, which repeatedly caused Juana to stay away from home for weeks at a time. In these periods she was…
Michoacán Fiesta
High in the mountains of Michoacan, the indigenous PureHigh in the mountains of Michoacan, the indigenous Purepecha people continue to practice their ancestral traditions. On the feast day of Corpus Christi, two men from each of the local towns are responsible for organizing a grand fiesta. Their intent is to…
Sin Fronteras (Without Borders)
What happens to the Mexican deported once they are sent back home' The amazing achievement of Sergio Tamai, founder of Angeles Sin Fronteras, who has created one of the most efficient shelters for the deported in Mexicali.
Mexico to America
Part of the Series: Around the World in 80 Treasures
Beautiful and precious man-made objects in the world. Dan travels from the ancient Mayan tombs and pyramids of Palenque to the Statue of Liberty, the Manhattan skyline and the refinement of Thomas Jefferson's elegant home in Virginia. He also reveals his first 'dark' treasures of this journey, including the 1851…
The World's Most Wanted - Secrets of Mexico's Drug War
Mexican drug lord Joaquin 'el Chapo' Guzman is almost certainly the wealthiest and most powerful criminal in history. Attempts by the Mexican government to curtail the power of his Sinaloa Cartel and its rivals have led to a war that has killed more than 70,000 Mexicans. This film picks up…