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Remaking American Medicine
Remaking American Medicine is a four-part television series for PBS that follows pioneering individuals struggling to fix our broken health care system. Remaking American Medicine examines the healthcare "quality chasm" and questions the basic ideas viewers believe about their medical practitioners, hospitals and American medicine in general. The program focuses…
Silent Killer
Part of the Series: Remaking American Medicine
SILENT KILLER profiles individuals who are committed to fixing a health care system that is estimated to kill up to 98,000 people a year.
First Do No Harm
Part of the Series: Remaking American Medicine
FIRST DO NO HARM focuses on efforts to eliminate hospital-acquired infections and medication errors.
The Stealth Epidemic
Part of the Series: Remaking American Medicine
THE STEALTH EPIDEMIC looks at groundbreaking efforts to create effective chronic disease management programs.
Hand in Hand
Part of the Series: Remaking American Medicine
HAND IN HAND shows how a unique partnership between patients, families and providers is transforming a teaching hospital.
Antibiotic Apocalypse - The Growing Threat Posed by Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs
An investigation into the global advance of antibiotic-resistant superbugs and the threat they pose to modern medicine and millions of patients worldwide. Reporter Fergus Walsh travels to India and finds restricted, life-saving antibiotics on sale without prescription and talks to patients back in the U.K. whose recovery depends on them.
Anchoring Hope
Access to health care for many people living in the Amazon jungle is a challenge. Like for Antenor, a father of seven who supports his family by producing agriculture. He has been sick and not able to bring enough food home. In a different village, 4-year-old Felipe has a difficult…
Rx for Survival - A Global Health Challenge
From vaccines to antibiotics, clean water to nutrition, bio-terror threats to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, the six-part series Rx for Survival: A Global Health Challenge tells the compelling stories of global health challenges and successes. Employing both historical dramatic sequences and poignant current documentary stories, the series showcases key milestones in…
Big Charity - The Death of America's Oldest Hospital
This acclaimed documentary shares the untold story of Charity Hospital - an iconic New Orleans institution which was closed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Through firsthand accounts of hospital employees who withstood the storm, as well as interviews with key players involved in the flood's aftermath, the film raises…
The Life Equation - Big Data and Global Health
Big Data is being used to analyze and determine healthcare options and billions of people are affected. But what, and who, is lost in the number crunching? THE LIFE EQUATION introduces us to Jose, a new kind of health worker. When he meets Crecencia Buch, a mother of seven with…
Money-Driven Medicine
An essential introduction to help Americans better understand and address the unmet challenges of healthcare reform in the coming decade. Produced by Academy Award-winner Alex Gibney (Taxi to the Dark Side; Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room) and inspired by Maggie Mahar's acclaimed book, Money Driven Medicine: The Real…
Hospital - Daily Activities of an Urban Hospital
This Emmy-winning documentary by Frederick Wiseman shows the daily activities of a large urban hospital with the emphasis on the emergency ward and outpatient clinics. The cases depicted illustrate how medical expertise, availability of resources, organizational considerations, and the nature of communication among the staff and patients affect the delivery…