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Witty, clever and ultra-cynic, just how I like movies! Alternative title: ´Hillary Clinton high school years' ;)

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Reese was brilliant. All I have to say.

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So yeah, I never watched it before and only got 10 minutes in before I was out.
Whats creepy is the author of the book- Tom Perrotta- was a teacher. He actually states in interviews that he was depicting his own female students and the male teacher reactions to this new experience of ...Read more

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RIght on! Thank you!

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Teachers having sex with their high school students is not funny. And Reese Withspoon's character is yet another put-down of strong women. Yuk!

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Seriously. Just wrote a longer post regarding the same reaction I had to the movie.

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A very smart film that intends to make you squirm a little. Canny limning of gender/generational discontents. Witherspoon's best role. This team's 2nd best after "Sideways".

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This is a good film. It touches on some pretty big and, frankly, deep topics that are faced by both teens and adults, and definitely stands the test of time.

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I wholeheartedly disagree with Robert's opinion about the film's lack of artfulness and that it hasn't aged well. Then again, unlike him, I've actually watched the entire film... twice.

Having seen it when it first hit theaters in '99, and again just now, I think it's not only stood ...Read more

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What's funnier than statutory rape?

This film hasn't aged well but I guess it's a benchmark for how far we have come and how much further there is to go.

To be fair, I did not watch it in its entirety. It was just too gross and seemed intent on presenting grown ass men as the ...Read more

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Thank you Robert. I agree (see my review a few above yours) and frankly dismayed at how little our opinion is shared by reviewers here and on rotten tomatoes.

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It's a satire, dude.

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Understood. I also disliked A Fish Called Wanda and The Big Lebowski. All three films strike me as fundamentally mean-spirited. To each their own.

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A classic.

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