Elizabethan England, Puritans, Country Food

Elizabethan England, Puritans, Country Food
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Food Imperialism around the World
In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, European colonialism expanded across the entire globe as a form of economic empire building. Grasp how Western powers came to control massive production of export crops in nonindustrialized countries, and how political maneuvering enabled large companies to dominate global markets in foodstuffs.
Papal Rome and the Spanish Golden Age
Here, explore the rise of distinct regional and national cuisines, focusing on Italy and Spain. Review the monumental culinary writings of Bartolomeo Scappi, bringing together specialty dishes from all of Italy. Then study excerpts from two classic books of Spanish cookery as they vividly evoke Spain's rich food culture.
Eating in the Early Industrial Revolution
The Industrial Revolution brought far-reaching changes in food production and culture. In the British Isles, observe how the advent of industrially organized farming, urban labor, and mass production led to artificial modification of food and a decline in the quality of diet, as well as human-made disasters such as the…
First Restaurants, Chefs, and Gastronomy
European culinary art blossomed in the 18th and 19th centuries. Learn about the West's first true restaurants in 18th-century Paris and the formalized structure of meals served in multiple courses. Follow the exploits of four of the first celebrity chefs and the development of "gastronomy"--the science and art of eating…
The Elizabethan Age
This program examines the main events and major trends of the reign of Elizabeth I and relates her personality to England's political, economic and cultural growth. Period art, music and excerpts from writings by Elizabeth and other major figures are included with on-location photography. The words of such Elizabethan writers…
Public School
Life at a British public (ie, private) school in 1965. Life at Hurstpierpont Public School, 1964/65
London Orbital
'Maverick British director Chris Petit has produced one of this year's eeriest and most haunting films, London Orbital, a threnody to the M25.' Sunday Telegraph 'It is a mediation on the M25 and gives an intriguing history of the occult archaeology of London that the ring-road discloses ... Petit has…
Nazi Hunters
Nazi Hunters tells how a select band of secret agents and avengers hunted down some of the most evil men in history... And finally brought them to justice. Narrated by real-life Nazi hunters, every episode tells the story of an electrifying mission, from Klaus Barbie's dramatic pursuit in Bolivia, to…
Titanic Inquiry
From the BBC comes this riveting look at one of the little known mysteries of the Titanic. The Titanic Inquiry tells the story of the British Inquiry into the sinking of RMS Titanic and whether the SS Californian was in near enough proximity to the vessel to rescue some, if…
Bismarck - Germany From Blood and Iron
Powerfully acted, with rich production values and authentic settings, this exciting program focuses on the dynamic Otto von Bismarck--by turns Machiavellian, affectionate, ruthless, bullying, cajoling--as he engineers the events that will ultimately achieve the unification of Germany. An LCA release. Awards: Chicago, Columbus Film Festivals
The French Revolution - The Bastille
The setting is Paris, the date July 14, 1789. By dramatically re-creating the reality of that day and that year -- including mass hunger, crushing taxes, and resentment against France's rulers -- this program shows what leads the common people of Paris to a desperate act of violence: the storming…
The French Revolution - The Terror
Focusing on both humanity's idealism and its capacity for violence, this program dramatizes the ways in which the noble motives and legitimate causes of the French Revolution managed to spiral into a reign of terror, as the revolutionaries' original goals become overshadowed by the radical tactics of Robespierre and other…