The Enduring Passion for Ink
A Project on Contemporary Ink Painters

The Enduring Passion for Ink - A Project on Contemporary Ink Painters
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Master Cui's Riddle
Master Cui discusses the different approaches to painting an ink landscape, whether based on an idea of landscape or the physical appearance of the landscape.
Chen Haiyan's Dreams
Chen Haiyan bases all her paintings and prints on her dreams. She has a unique approach to producing very large painting-based woodcuts.
Li Huasheng's Ambivalence
Although already famous as a traditional landscape painter, Li Huasheng decided he must find a new way of representing the land, and of his experience in the world.
Li Jin's Feast
Li Jin loves food, and uses it as a metaphor to explain particular aspects of Chinese ink painting.
Wang Dongling's Lines of Performance
Wang Dongling is China's greatest calligrapher both in the traditional sense, and as an experimental artist. He has brought calligraphy into the realm of contemporary art through his performative practice,…
Xu Bing's Semiotics
Xu Bing has been fascinated by words all his life, and explores their significance via his artistic practice. He paints a "Landscript" in this film.
Yang Jiechang's Gu and Qi
Yang Jiechang had a very traditional training as an ink painter, with a personal master, and then study at an academy. He has repudiated much of the thinking behind his…
Bingyi's Madness and Magic
Bingyi's practice ranges from the very small to the very large, using paint brushes so small the lines cannot be seen, but also creating works as large as a field…
Zheng Chongbin's Process
Zheng Chongbin trained as a figure painter in Hangzhou, then earned an MA at the San Francisco Art Institute. He works with Chinese ink, but produces abstractions inspired by the…
Liu Dan's Perfection
Liu Dan seeks an aesthetic purity in his work, and identifies such purity in Song dynasty painting, medieval paintings, old master drawings, and so on. He investigates a kind of…

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Anonymous picture

This was a wonderful documentary and provides much insight into the process, expressiveness, and symbolism of contemporary abstract art that stems from traditional Chinese art and calligraphy. There were so many nuggets of truth, and I think that this video would be particularly educational ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Amazing!! Chinese Calligraphy is timeless abstract art.

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