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Yes, It's A Beautiful Mind...

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Doppelgangers, giant spider metaphors. Maybe you might enjoy this confusion. Actors do good jobs. What it all means is the huh.

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huh? Either this movie isn't as good as people think it is or I do not understand the movie/ its idea.

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One of the most consistent movies in tone and symbolism I've seen in a long time (in addition to being really beautifully shot and executed). These 90 minutes are going to stick in my mind for weeks to come

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Very well acted, Relaxing atmosphere, but take whatever you want from this because the director left it all up to the audience what the movie meant.

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An Alfred Hitchcock style plot with a Twilight Zone ending;

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wait, that's the ending? this movie is a lot stranger than it first appears! i probably need to watch this again.

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Incredible - freighted with symbolism and entirely unexpected. Excellent score.

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Paging Dostoyevsky. Meh.

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I just wasted two hours. Really BAD.

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LMAO. What an ending.

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many will say huh. if you have the intellect its worth the time. good camera work, philosophical. I have always wanted to meet my doppelganger, but mine had the same very rare 1st name and career. My real life story would make a good sequel or another inverted version. we never met but, ...Read more

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Frank Sherman

WHAT THE..... I can't believe this movie exists. It's like they knew about my thoughts. Someone win this movie an oscar. Oh wait, they don't give them away to good movies anymore.

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Extra Huh?

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Huh is right!!!!

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