Enhancing Communication and Counselling Skills in Today's Nursing Practice

Enhancing Communication and Counselling Skills in Today's Nursing Practice
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This video describes empathy, the focus of empathetic responses and how to make empathetic responses using simulated client scenarios.
This video describes non-verbal probing, closed questions and open questions using simulated client scenarios. Caution against using multiple questions and leading questions are illustrated in simulated client scenarios as well.…
This video describes and skill of confronting and demonstrates the focus and use of the principles of effective confronting, using simulated client scenarios - being non-judgmental and gentle, being tentative,…
Self Disclosure
This video explains the skill of self-disclosure and illustrates the principles of self-disclosure using simulated client scenarios - focusing on the client's needs, the importance of timing, using brief and…
This video demonstrates three types of immediacy in simulated client scenarios - exploring what is occurring in the relationship between nurse and client, what is happening 'in the moment' between…
Reflecting Content/Information Giving
This video demonstrates reflecting content by paraphrasing, focusing the conversation, and summarizing, using simulated client scenarios. The skill of information giving as education, feedback and reframing to help clients manage…
Listening and Attending
This video describes how to attend to clients using the SOLER method, the therapeutic use of touch in attending, and active listening, including common barriers to listening.

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