Environmentally Sustainable Construction

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KieranTimberlake - Loblolly House (2007) and Cellophane House (2008)
KieranTimberlake, an architectural firm based in Philadelphia, is a recognized leader of the "green" architecture movement in the U.S. As this film illustrates, its founders Stephen Kieran and James Timberlake have been developing innovative means to combine sustainable design principles with off-site construction for the mass customization of houses. The…
The Greenhouse of the Future
The Greenhouse of the Future is a how-to video that outlines the design and step by step building of a radically sustainable passive solar greenhouse built from up-cycled materials (tires - wood - glass bottles) and operates using fully renewable natural energies. By building this greenhouse with your family or…
Fundamentals of Sustainable Living Series
If you bring your own reusable grocery bag to the supermarket, or buy "green" products, you're already engaging in sustainable living practices. But you might not be aware of the other steps you could be taking, both small and large, to make an impact and save money wherever you live,…
Edithvale Seaford Discovery Centre
Part of the Series: Sacred Spaces
December 2013 - Jan van Shaik, Director of MVS Architects. Won the 2012 MBA Award for Best Sustainable Energy Project.
The Consumer and The Planet
Learn how small, everyday actions can conserve energy sources, reduce your carbon footprint, and even save money in the process. This program deciphers 'green' marketing claims and labels such as 'ENERGY STAR', 'DfE', renewable and sustainable. We illustrate eco-friendly ways to buy, prepare, store and dispose of food, and explore…
Søren Hermansen: Samø's Renewable Energy Magician
This episode of the Green Interview features Soren Hermansen, Denmark's "world-class energy magician" with a mission to demonstrate it's possible to create a sustainable society based on renewable energy. The model society--Hermansen's native Samso-- is a small, blustery island nestled in Denmark's Kattegat Strait, once a cluster of farming communities…
Stars and Pop Cans: The Green Goals of a College
This short was produced by The Green Interview for the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC), which provides trades training and vocational education on 13 campuses and in six community learning centres. The flagship campus on the Dartmouth waterfront (featured in this short) was designed to be a model of sustainability…
Shipping Home - A Family Makes a Home from a Shipping Container
Shipping Home follows the year-long construction of Asheville, North Carolina's first shipping container residence. However, this is no HGTV fairytale - Ryan and Brook must balance life and parenthood with their aspirations of a sustainable dream house.
Rick Joy: Interludes
Rick Joy, an architect based in Tucson, Arizona, owes his reputation to his innovative residential designs, which respond gracefully to their desert environment. Joy exploits natural and passive energy-saving techniques and unusual materials, such as rammed earth and rusting steel, to create striking architectural solutions for living in a hot,…
Sustainable Water Use
Sourcing clean water and using it wisely are key to sustainable living. Consider how systems can be designed to sustainably provide water for drinking, washing, irrigation, and other uses, and find smart ways to get the same or better services using less. Also, examine ecological approaches to handling storm water.
The Green Economy: Green Building
Part of the Series: The Green Economy
Trends these days are to not build homes and buildings to code but to standards that are much more efficient. Windows, doors, insulation, heating, cooling and even the countertops in some kitchens are more efficient and made with less and less toxic methods. We will be visiting one of the…
The Green Economy: New Urbanism
Part of the Series: The Green Economy
This sleepy seaside community is built under the brand of sustainable new urbanism. Not only are the homes and other community buildings built in a very environmentally friendly way, but the design promotes the diminished need to drive by grouping services like grocery, laundry, restaurants and other things in the…