The Essence of Change

The Essence of Change
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Of Rocks and Flowers - Dealing with the Abuse of Children
Family therapy can be challenging to navigate for a host of clinical reasons, and therapists can quickly find themselves feeling ungrounded and at a loss for effective interventions--especially when child abuse is present. Watch renowned therapist Virginia Satir conduct an innovative, forward-moving session with a distraught family of four, and…
Strategic Couples Therapy - With James Coyne
James Coyne demonstrates Strategic Couples Therapy in an actual session with a gay couple. Watch this master therapist and learn the basic principles of Strategic Therapy, which seeks to help the couple develop a problem-solving strategy tailored to their specific concerns and values. Hugh and Alan have been together more…
Tools and Techniques for Family Therapy - With John Edwards
Experience first-hand Dr. Edwards' deceptively nonchalant therapeutic style. Utilizing a blend of workshop footage, family sessions, and focused interviews, this video provides an overview of eleven fundamental techniques for effective family work.
  • Segmenting
  • Enactments
  • Positive Reframing
  • Mapping
  • Draw-A-Dream
  • Circle Method
  • Colleague Teamwork
  • New Talk
  • Guardrail
  • Sculpting
  • Alter Ego
Family Systems Therapy - With Kenneth Hardy
For Kenneth Hardy, it is imperative to move therapy beyond a strict individualistic approach, focusing instead on how clients influence and are influenced by their relationships and larger social contexts. In this video, Hardy works with a client who's efforts to avoid conflict have the unintended effect of increasing tension…
Family Secrets - Implications for Theory and Therapy
Most families have secrets, handed down from generation to generation like "booby-trapped heirlooms" waiting to explode. Secrets have far-reaching implications for families, setting the stage for a tense emotional climate of guardedness, anger, and reactivity. In this illuminating video, Evan Imber-Black, an expert on rituals, larger systems, and family secrets,…
The Power of 2 Marriage Skills Workshop - With Susan Heitler & Abigail Hirsch
Couples often enter therapy feeling stuck in perpetual conflict. Lacking the skills to discuss their underlying concerns around a given topic, partners can quickly become stalled in defensiveness, resistance, and resentment. In this video, Susan Heitler and Abigail Hirsch, founders of the "Power of 2" approach to couples therapy, demonstrate…
Positive Psychology and Psychotherapy - With Randall C. Wyatt
In this landmark interview by Randall C. Wyatt, Seligman emphasizes that happiness is not just the absence of disorder, as "psychology as usual" might contend. Rather, happiness derives from an execution of our signature strengths. Seligman demonstrates a new set of rigorously tested interventions that lastingly increase happiness while decreasing…
Psychodrama of a Marriage (around 1948) - With Jacob Moreno
Episode 2 of Moreno Movies Series
Based on an actual couple treated by Moreno in 1939 in the Therapeutic Theater of Beacon, this movie is a dramatized version of the case, yet includes many variations from the original script. It was intended for an audience of couples and marital therapists, to facilitate a greater understanding of…
Psychodrama of a Marriage: A Motion Picture - With Jacob Moreno
Episode 3 of Moreno Movies Series
This movie was shot in Paris during the First International Congress of Psychodrama. It was produced by Radio and Television Center of France in September, 1964. The opening scene takes place at the Faculte de Medecine at the Sorbonne. Moreno greets the audience, goes into a short warm-up, and ends…
Spontaneity Training and Role Re-Training and Introduction to Psychodrama - With Zerka Moreno
Episode 4 of Moreno Movies Series
The first part of the film is an introduction to the warming up and subsequent transfer of simple spontaneity states, such as a sculptress starting a new creation in clay, or a mother visiting her daughter at boarding school. The next part is a therapeutic film. A young woman from…
Integrative Therapy - With Allen Ivey
Allen Ivey is both a developmentalist and a true integrationist. He helps clients get to know their strengths on self, relationship and community levels by exploring stories from their pasts, borrowing techniques from all orientations depending on the client's needs and goals. In this video, Ivey works with Robin, who…
The Counting Method - A Treatment Technique for PTSD with Frank Ochberg
Traumatic memories invade the consciousness of those who suffer from PTSD, presenting a profound challenge for both the survivor and therapist. In this video, Ochberg explains and models his Counting Method, a simple yet effective tool used to master the flashbacks and intrusive recollections so common in PTSD. During this…