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Evita - The Life of Eva PerĂ³n
Evita reconstructs the life of Eva Peron using previously unseen historical footage and documents. It is meticulous examination of Evita origins, and of her relationship with her father. The film…
Presencia de Eva Peron
Propaganda Film produced by the Peronist regime after the death of Eva Duarte de Peron.
Evita: Her Legacy of Love
Propaganda Film produced by the Peronist regime after the death of Eva Duarte de Peron.

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Mystery of Eva Peron - The Story Behind Argentina's Most Famous First Lady
The True Story of Evita, as told by her Father Confessor, Her Friends, and ... Her Enemies. Actress, seductress, political powerhouse and cultural icon of Argentina and the world, the life and legend of Maria Eva Duarte de Peron, or Evita, as she came to be known, endures to this…
Monroe Hill - Remembering James Monroe
"Monroe Hill" unearths the history of the site that contains the last remaining structures of the late 18th century southern plantation. These surviving structures are silent witnesses to Monroe's struggle as a farmer and a politician from the late 1780's until the laying of the cornerstone at the University of…
Eva Doesn't Sleep - Eva no Duerme
Argentina, 1952: The death of Eva Peron sparks a 25-year clash between opposing military coups over the burial of her embalmed corpse, now a beloved and hated political symbol. Evita's posthumous legacy is told through a series of isolated incidents featuring the expert doctor obsessively carrying out her embalming, an…
Women in the Military
Women in the Military profile three veteran's stories:
  • Zoe Dunning: the first and only openly gay person allowed to remain on active duty in the military prior to the end of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy
  • Julie Mendez: explores veterans' issues and attempts to bridge the communication gap…
The Draft - An Award-Winning Play About the Vietnam War
An award-winning documentary play that explores one of the most contentious periods in American political history. Filmed live on stage, THE DRAFT tells the story of the Vietnam War era through the real-life stories of 10 young Americans -- eight men and two women -- whose lives were shaped and…
Geraldine Ferraro: Paving the Way
Geraldine Ferraro: Paving the Way is a feature-length documentary about the life and legacy of the trailblazing woman who made history in 1984 as the first female Vice Presidential nominee on a major party ticket in the United States. The film profiles Ferraro's life from an impoverished childhood, the struggles…
Hearts and Hands
The film chronicles the lives of ordinary women as well as individuals such as Harriet Tubman, Elizabeth Keckley, Frances Willard and Abigail Scott Duniway through the great 19th century events: industrialization, abolition, the Civil War, westward movement, temperance and suffrage. For nineteenth century women, quilts were the podium, the pulpit…
The Ties That Bind - A Powerful Meditation on Political Responsibility and Personal Loss
'The Ties That Bind' is a powerful meditation on political responsibility and personal loss as seen through the story of the filmmaker's mother, who grew up in Nazi Germany. Using rare archival footage, extensive interviews and critical commentary, Friedrich constructs a fearless dialogue between past and present, between mother and…
Glasnost Film Festival - Volume 3
The Tailor, 50 min. A sobering look at the spiritual void and disillusionment of middle-aged Soviet adults, many of whom became aged before their time. Early on Sunday, 16 min. A wonderful portrait of old village women, whose unpretentious observations about life, love and perestroika evoke laughter and compassion.
Pittsburgh Police Short Films
Featuring John Marshall's hallmark intimate camerawork, these shorts offer a unique perspective on both sides of law enforcement, and on some of the social issues facing American cities during the late 1960s. This 2007 re-mastered/re-authored compilation contains additional information about the series.
The Great War: Part 3
Chart the ways in which the bloodiest battle in U.S. history, and the ensuing peace, forever changed a nation. African Americans found ways to push for change. Women's suffrage gained converts, and America stepped onto the world stage.
A Lady in the Spotlight
The lights dim, and across the silver screens of the world comes the flickering image of a lady. She is a movie star. In our movie stars, and in the entertainment industry as a whole, many women have worked to achieve a unique place in shaping the cultural love of…