The Life and Work of Burlesque Stars

Exposed - The Life and Work of Burlesque Stars
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Voguing: The Message
A pre-Madonna primer that raises questions about race, sex and subcultural style, Voguing: The Message traces the roots of this gay Black and Latino dance form, which appropriates and plays with poses and images from mainstream fashion. Voguing competitions that parody fashion shows and rate the contestants on the basis…
HARRY dance and other works by Senta Driver
This documentary of the work of Senta Driver includes conversation with this renowned choreographer with highlights from "Video 5000", "Missing Persons" and "Reaches".
A Drag King Extravaganza
What is a drag king? What is the Drag King Conference? Simply speaking, a drag king is a woman who dresses in a male persona for theatrical purposes. A Drag King Extravaganza, however, reveals that being a drag king is not so simple. This performance art has exploded into a…
Flex is Kings - The World of Competitive Flex Dancing in Brooklyn
A riveting and awe-inspiring look inside the world of Brooklyn street dancing known as 'flexing.' FLEX IS KINGS takes audiences along on the emotional journey of several young dancers who vie for a chance to make something of themselves by battling it out through this DIY art form. Official Selection…
Dances for Television
A suite of dances made for television from award-winning director Douglas Rosenberg, this project is based on the work of renowned choreographers Sean Curran, Li Chiao-Ping, and Amy Sue Rosen: "Real Boy" (Sean Curran) "Hope" (Amy Sue Rosen/Derek Bernstein) "Odyssey" (Li Chiao-Ping) "Residues" (Li Chiao-Ping)
Venous Flow
Venous Flow weaves first person narrative with contemporary dance to tell the story of a community of dancers and artists and their resolution to overcome personal trauma. "Grace" is a large group piece performed by Li Chiao-Ping Dance and a community of elders shot on a frozen lake in winter,…
Epic (The Land Within) and De L'Eau
Two video/dance collaborations by Douglas Rosenberg and choreographer Li Chiao-Ping. EPIC (THE LAND WITHIN) uses text, landscape imagery and performance by members of the Dziga Vertov Performance Group to present an expressionistic dance possible only for the camera. De L'Eau, choreographed by Li Chiao-Ping for herself and a male dancer…
The Physical TV Company
Based in Sydney, Australia, Karen Pearlman and Richard James Allen have been making dance films since 1985. They formed The Physical TV Company in 1997. This collection features three of their over 20 works for the camera: Rubberman Accepts The Nobel Prize (2001). A superhero who speaks only the language…
ARC: A Dance Trilogy
ARC is a trilogy of solo dance works created and performed by acclaimed New Zealand choreographer Douglas Wright. In three distinct sections the film charts a transformation: a journey from a primeval landscape of despair, through a bizarre and hilarious confrontation with a talking bird, and the emergence of "gravity's…
Molissa Fenley and Peter Boal: The Restaging of 'State of Darkness'
This intimate and exciting documentary of Peter Boal's performance of Molissa Fenley's "State of Darkness" was produced by Ellen Bromberg. The film reveals the challenges of blending two dance cultures through the restaging of a critically acclaimed solo.
Amy Greenfield
Amy Greenfield has been pushing the boundaries of dance and cinema since the early 1970s. Her work is known for its earthy rawness and proto-feminist point of view. This collection of her early work includes "Element," "Transport," and other landmark cine-dances.
Jazzdance by Danny Buraczeski
Choreographer Danny Buraczeski and notable dancers from the company's 25 year history explore the world of "Jazzdance by Danny Buraczeski" through interviews and dance excerpts.