Exuma - Remote Islands in the Bahamas

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William Hodges: The Art Of Exploration
The painter William Hodges is increasingly seen as a key figure in eighteenth-century British art and in its relationships with the wider world. In an age of colonial expansion Hodges accompanied Captain Cook on his second voyage to the Pacific from 1772 to 1775. His vivid paintings of Tahiti, New…
Richard Bangs’ South America, Quest for Wonder
Richard Bangs' Quest series takes viewers on journeys that not only celebrate the joy and discovery of movement, and the great tourism assets of a destination, but also showcase travel that makes a difference. In South America - Quest for Wonder, the pilot episode of the series, viewers join Richard…
Wildlife Special: Great White Shark
Great white sharks, like the big cats of Africa, were once hunted as trophies. Jaws portrayed them as insatiable, undiscriminating killers. Yet very little is known about these modern-day monsters. Their mating, for example, has never been observed and, thanks to their nomadic habits, the sharks are notoriously difficult to…
Robert Bateman: The Wild World of Robert Bateman
Interview with Robert Bateman, one of the world's leading painters of wildlife and of nature generally. Bateman is also a globally respected spokesman for ecological and environmental causes, and has contributed artworks that have raised millions of dollars for these causes. Bateman traces his profound connection to the natural world…
Miracles of Nature: Season 1 - Episode 4
Part of the Series: Miracles of Nature Collection
This episodes highlights the natural features of Antigua, Barbuda, New South Wales, and the British Virgin Islands.
Brice Marden
After a few seconds of footage from 1968 of the artist working, this powerful film moves into 1976, providing an intimate look at the enigmatic abstract painter, Brice Marden. Shot in 16mm shortly after Marden's 1975 exhibition at the Guggenheim, this film reveals, through interviews with Marden and numerous shots…
Argentina - Buenos Aires, Ushuaia and the Falklands
Part of the Series: Exploring the World Series
Argentina, the second largest country in South America, offers a wide variety of natural wonders and cultural attractions. Our first stop is to the cosmopolitan capital city of Buenos Aires, a cultural centerpiece, which includes the La Boca district, a picturesque old port known as the birthplace of the Tango,…
South American Explorers' Cruise
Part of the Series: Exploring the World Series
Navigating the world began in the 16th century, and in this program we retrace the travels of some early explorers on a contemporary voyage around Cape Horn. Starting from Rio de Janeiro, we see aerial footage of the Cristo Redentor, the statue of Christ, atop Corcovado Mountain; also we find…
It Ain't Easy Being Green - Iguana Population Growth in the Caribbean
In the U.S. Virgin Islands, green iguanas are dramatically increasing in number and spreading. The situation has left most humans and iguanas scratching their heads about how to get by in the fast-changing island environment. The film engages in a lively debate about when and where animals are welcome, and…
Miracles of Nature: Season 2 - Episode 4
Part of the Series: Miracles of Nature Collection
This episode discusses the geophysics of Mexico and the Cayman Islands
The Art of Travel Photography Course - Six Expert Lessons
Travel enthusiasts take note: this is your ticket to capturing the beauty and awe of any scene, anywhere in the world. Filled with practical tips, techniques, and field demonstrations, this course, taught by National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore, helps you learn to see the world through the eyes of a…
Graham Gussin
Part of the Series: theEYE
Graham Gussin creates art in an almost bewildering variety of media: film, sound, installation, events, photography, text, painting and more. The key early work Savannah (1990) features a wooden plaque and a wall light, while the production of the ambitious film projection Remote Viewer (2002) involved a trip to Iceland…