Family Assessment in Community Health Nursing

Doreen Westera
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Community and Aggregate Assessment
This video program focuses on the process and issues inherent in assessing a geographic community and various aggregates within such a couumunity, using a partnership approach. The concept and methods of community/aggregate assessment are described, as is the role of the nurse in the process.
Programming in Community Health Nursing
This video explores aspects of programming in community health nursing. In particular, it focuses on the stages of programming - assessment to determine the need, program development, program implementation and program evaluation. To illustrate the process, community health nurses and other stakeholders discuss a program called "The Healthy Baby Club".
Family Intervention in Community Health Nursing
This video program focuses on various aspects of family nursing interventions within the context of community health nursing practice. In this video, front line community health nurses share their insights and practice stories, enabling a myriad of community health nursing interventions to be illustrated.
Home Visiting in Community Health Nursing
Home visiting is part of the every-day experience of community health nurses. This video program examines the practice of home visiting from the perspectives of both a public health nurse and a home care nurse. Advantages, possible contexts and the phases of home visiting are all explored. Nursing skills and…
Spiritual Assessment in Health Care
Part of the Series: Spiritual Nursing Collection
This video focuses on the place of spiritual assessment in health care. Through interviews with two people experiencing chronic health problems, the video explores questions for clinicians to use to assess the spiritual dimension. Guidelines for health professionals in conducting a spiritual assessment are also explored.
Primary Health Care in Community Health Nursing
This video program illustrates the interconnection between primary health care and community health nursing. Examples are given which illustate how the principles of primary health care are integrated into community health nursing practice. The role of the community health nurse in implementing primary health care is portrayed, as well as…
Community Health Nursing: A Practical View
The "real world" of community health nursing practice in rural and urban settings is explored through the voices and activities of home health nurses and public health nurses. This video highlights differences and commonalities between these two types of nursing practice. Standards of community health nursing are identified, and various…
Enhancing Communication and Counselling Skills in Today's Nursing Practice
This playlist consists of 7 video programs with each program focussing on a particular communication and counselling skill. Developed by: Doreen Westra (RN, MScN, MEd) Doreen Westera is an Associate Professor at the School of Nursing, Memorial University. She is a member of the Canadian Nurses Association and the Canadian…
Emergency Management in Public Health - The H1N1 Example
This video focuses on the activities of public health professionals and their partners as they illustrate the stages of emergency management: prevention and mitigation; preparedness; response to the disaster; and recovery following the disaster. Although these stages may be applicable with respect to any type of disaster, they are illustrated…
Spirituality in Arthritis
Part of the Series: Spiritual Nursing Collection
Through the comments of a woman with arthritis, the place of spirituality in the management of arthritis is explored in this video. Spiritual needs are also addressed, such as the need for meaning and purpose, hope, and love and relatedness. How clinicians can integrate spirituality into their work with arthritic…
Spirituality in Children and Adolescents: Implications for Clinicians
Part of the Series: Spiritual Nursing Collection
Through the comments of four professionals, the place of spirituality in the care of children and adolescents is explored in this video. Childhood and adolescent spirituality is discussed, including the impact of developmental stages on spirituality. Examples from practice are given to illustrate the importance of clinicians incorporating spirituality into…
Spiritual Assessment
This video discusses the role of the nurse in spiritual assessment as well as the focus and principles of spiritual assessment. Stoll's Guidelines for Spiritual Assessment are used to interview three clients: a woman with fibromyalgia, a man who had villis adenoma and a woman who has manic depressive illness…