Father and Daughter

Father and Daughter
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So beautiful The animation is brilliant.

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Very beautiful and touching.

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I am crying...

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C Maureen

Yes. I could relate to wanting my father to be there while I was growing up.

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i miss my father

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So moving. Award winning for a reason -- packs a punch with so little effort.

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Powerfully poignant, profound, emotional - the music, sound, illustration, and a personal interpretation of the film viewing experience.

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A poignant story of Love and Loss. Told simply by the use of painting and a musical score. So much of life happens without verbal dialogue...

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Really excellent. The story is so simple yet so emotional.

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The art, sound, and music is great. The story is a bit so-so, and I feel like the description of the film gives a different impression to what the story really is.

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This is an perfect animate film. It's simple,beauty, yet very deep in emotional display of hope, love and persistence. I like Bik Lam's remark.

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Bik Lam

That was an excellent animated story. So simple, so beautiful, yet so deep in emotional display of longing, hope, persistence and love.

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Saw this movie when it was first released. Just finding it again was total Bliss.

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