Of Fathers and Sons
Following a Radical Islamist Family in Syria

Of Fathers and Sons - Following a Radical Islamist Family in Syria
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Wow! This film will complicate your world view, regardless of your politics. And regardless of your religion, shows the extreme danger when we feel we alone hold the 'truth'.

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Saddening. Poor kids.

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Phenomenal. What an extraordinary picture of the human condition. Brilliant documentary.

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Frank Sherman

Listen. I've been around a Very long time. .I think I know something or other about today's political climate. And THIS MOVIE, Of Fathers And Sons is VERY hard to watch. It has to do with the relationships that we have with our family and with our country and god given duties. Personally, I ...Read more

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Fascinating, brave documentary. Currently short-listed for Academy Award nomination this year. Well-deserved and should be a real contender.

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Without a doubt one of the best documentaries to come out of Syria since the conflict started. Mandatory watching for those who want to understand jihad and life within ISIS' caliphate. The focus on the children makes absolute sense, and the long term perspective -following the family for a ...Read more

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This was absolutely shocking and riveting. The choice to center it around the children and the father made it so humane and yet more disturbing. A real piece of work.

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This documentary was an awe shocking cold hard truth about other peoples war, it starts out about a man who believes his religions faith is the right one for all of his fellow countrymen, then ends with him losing his foot and his begotten minor Son for which he felt was right to sacrifice to ...Read more

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I feel for them... but at least now I feel less guilty for fighting that ideology.

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They are wanting a world war yet have no modern weapons... no nukes at all!
And the women don't matter!

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