Feeding Frenzy
The Food Industry, Obesity and the Creation of a Health Crisis

Feeding Frenzy - The Food Industry, Obesity and the Creation of a Health Crisis
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I developed an adult onset allergy to corn, soy, and all nuts at the beginning of 2017. I've lost a ton of weight and never felt better! Truly, that could be because I was having allergic reactions all of the time for little to no reason... but it's also because I'm back to a weight I haven't ...Read more

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Colton Brokowski

whats the deal with these academic stooges attacking marketers. They are just delivering the people a product. I am glad it decided to blame society as a whole and suggest that we must move forward as a society to make any difference on this issue.

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I really enjoyed watching this. I believe people are so disconnected from where food comes from that they easily justify what they eat. There are so many dimensions to the types of food available for people eat, that "fixing" this epidemic, becomes a daunting task.

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Although this was made in 2013, it used old data that seemed to finish at 2004. So it is only good not great.

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