The Fencer

The Fencer - Miekkailija
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An impossible film to dislike, but one that cruises too easily on every cliche in the book. That, and the cinematography--beautiful as it may be--immerses everything in a golden fog reminiscent of nothing so much as a Hallmark greeting card.

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The strength in the face of so much oppression seemed genuinely how the Estonian people would have reacted in the moments when they could take a stand. Beautiful.

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Well, I'm supposed to feel sympathy for an ex-Nazi soldier who directly or indirectly killed a lot people. It's beautifully made, but it's not critical enough. I don't think this character shows remorse. And his punishment seems so short. Is that really his only absolution. Idk, it's ...Read more

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Beautiful in many ways!!!

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A quiet, well-paced story that relies on subtle, nuanced performances and gorgeous cinematography. A lesser-known post WWII story to some. Well done.

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loved it!

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wow! very good film!

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Excellent must-see imho

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Wonderful movie. Hard to imagine a life under so much fear, and without the many freedoms we take for granted. Brave children, beautiful simplicity in the relationships. There is so much to learn and admire from people living under such circumstances.

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a gem

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Watching the transformation of the main character is stunning. Great movie.

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A sublime film. One of the most beautifully crafted and moving films ever.

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Beautiful movie, really enjoyed it.

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Love and spirit always triumph, even under the worst circumstance...
Great story-telling and wonderfully made!!

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What a stunningly beautiful movie!

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