Fireworks - Hana-bi
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What a magical film...violent,funny, sad...poetic as Hell...

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Mei Mei

This is not my first Kitano movie but it should have been. This is probably the least violent one? Very much enjoyed the visuals. Very beautiful, especially Horibe-san's paintings, ugh, those were my favorite frames.

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He actually has a few wonderful non-violent ones. Kikujiro was my favorite film for a long time, and it's not actually a gangster or cop story. A Scene at the Sea is probably his only film devoid of any violence or slapstick.

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The Beauty of Kitano lies within this film. Poetry and Violence has never worked so good as this in a while.

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Takeshi Kitano's pacing of scene, the sublime wide angle to close violence, is unique. I hope "Sonatine" will be included in the catalogue.

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Great movie: violent, but it has quiet and poetic moments as well. I liked the contrast between the jaded ex-cop who doesn't care anymore (Kitano) and his paralyzed friend also ex-cop who takes painting. See it

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This is one of my favorite films, and in my opinion the most accessible of Takeshi Kitano's movies. It's a crime movie, with real tenderness. I'd start with this film and then move on to the other Kitano titles on Kanopy.

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