Fits and Starts

Fits and Starts
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Cute & simple feel-good weekend movie. Light. Good for just taking a break from everything. Comical "what is going on?" moments.

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I liked it! Funny and sweet. I laughed out loud during the police scenes.

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LOL All your comments are hilarious and I suspect more interesting than the movie probably is which is why Im gonna pass . Thanks people

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Very good. Nice to watch something light hearted with no murders, or over the top sex. They make a great couple.

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i laughed out loud during movie, so cute,funny and feel good movie.

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Terrible. Don't waste your time.

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Love when people of color are the main characters <3

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sweet. funny dialogue. goes to show what good can happen when you don't freak out when bad things happen to you. my husband refuses t cell phone and i kno the world of the one cell phone well.

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Cute, funny, David was relatable

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terrible, don't waste your time, nothing happens, silly plot and annoying characters

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Differently funny. Refreshing.

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The first film in a year and a half that I've watched to the end.

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Hilarious, though it's appeal may not extend beyond writers.

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A totally unbelievable plot. No one is as stupid as the character Wyatt Cenac plays (and he's a writer). How movies like this get money to fund them is a true mystery.

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I thought he was quite relatable, definitely more than the other characters. I may be stupid. Perhaps that's what my three degrees, living in five countries, and working in business, politics, education, and religion did to me, and I sure like myself and his character.

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Good grief! What is with the big self reveal? How does it relate to the film? Tedious...UGH

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man that was excruciating! i just could not watch beyond that point of realizing this. now wonder if ppl who created this are poc themselves or not *yuk*

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Funny and inspiring!

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That was great, a fun, funny, simple sweet story with engaging dialogue. Worth the watch.

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liked this film.

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like it :)

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Rewarding way to spend some screen time. Cathartic for all of us NY artists who feel awkward while schmoozing. Sweet characters well acted.

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I liked it. It what sparks the better half to inspire the other in a strange way.

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