The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement

Fixed - The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement
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Pedestrian flips the bird at 24:58 haha

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It is interesting to see how each generation's definition of normalcy changes over time.

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Fantastic in every way!

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I have used this documentary in three different undergraduate courses that focus on theorizations of the body. Although the students read a number of engaging texts that address some of the issues in the documentary, it is watching this film that makes them able to understand that disability ...Read more

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I have shown this film several times (in units on disability, medicine & technology, and normalization) and have also brought the filmmaker to campus. It is a smart, complex, and informed look at our attitudes toward disability and the perfectibility of human bodies, not to mention the ...Read more

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I show Fixed in a number of different undergrad classes - to talk about science and how people take up innovation in my cultures of science and technology classes; to look at practices of disability and ability in my classes about power and social relations; to show grad students innovative ...Read more

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Wonderful documentary, excellent production values. It explores and portrays several different experiences and theories of disability and augmentation. Worthwhile to watch just for ideas but I also intend to show it next time I teach about infrastructures.

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I have shown this film several times to diverse student audiences and it hits the right note every time. Interesting people and perspectives, and provocative for discussion and further thought about disability, technology, and our human futures. I strongly recommend it to folks from any ...Read more

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This is a fantastic film to teach in disability studies classes; I have taught it both in intro courses and senior seminars. It does an excellent job exploring the uneasy relationship between disability and transhumanism, raising questions that are complex, interesting, and avoid an either-or ...Read more

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One of the best films that deals with disability and transhumanism. Definitely recommend for Disability Studies classes.

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"I began to see my disability not as a disability but as an opportunity for human enhancement"... awesome

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I had seen the Ted Talk with Sue Austin deep sea scuba diving in a wheel chair (mesmerizingly beautiful) so was intrigued to see this film. What I didn't expect was to be thrilled with so many empowered people with disabilities, really calling on society to be more accepting, to find real ...Read more

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The variety of perspectives

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