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Screening Room with John Whitney Sr.
Part of the Series: Screening Room Series
Abstract computer animator, inventor and digital pioneer John Whitney, Sr. (1917-1995) is widely considered the "father of Computer Graphics." Whitney's films reveal his deep interest in technology as a means to art, as well as in the links he saw between music and visual forms. A resident at MIT's Center…
Screening Room with Robert Breer
Part of the Series: Screening Room Series
Since the 1950s, American animator Robert Breer has been well-known for his films exploring shape, color, perspective and motion. His work exhibits innovative graphic and dramatic interpretation as well as great wit and humour, and has inspired generations of other filmmakers. Robert Breer's prolific career as painter, sculptor, animator, and…
Screening Room with Suzan Pitt
Part of the Series: Screening Room Series
Independent animator and painter Suzan Pitt, whose surreal and psychological films have gained her worldwide acclaim, continually pushes the boundaries of the animated form, sometimes working with live actors or using animation in opera stagings. Her film Asparagus won the top prize at the Oberhausen Short Film Festival and showed…
Screening Room with Derek Lamb
Part of the Series: Screening Room Series
Derek Lamb appeared on Screening Room in June 1973 with over a dozen films and film clips that demonstrated a wide range of animation techniques, including The Rocket, The Great Toy Robbery, I know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, Housemoving, and The Shepherd. In September 1975, Lamb returned…
Screening Room with Richard P. Rogers
Part of the Series: Screening Room Series
Richard P. Rogers (1944-2001) was a renowned producer and director of nonfiction films, and a gifted teacher and mentor who taught filmmaking and photography for many years at S.U.N.Y., Purchase, and at Harvard University, where he was director of the Film Study Center. His films range from political to experimental…
Screening Room with Michael Snow
Part of the Series: Screening Room Series
In March 1977 Michael Snow appeared on Screening Room. He discussed and screened excerpts from his film Rameau's Nephew by Diderot (Thanx to Dennis Young) by Wilma Schoen (10:48/18:57/7:29/0:55). Canadian Michael Snow has worked in painting, sculpture, and music as well as film, where he has proved one of the…
Screening Room with George Griffin
Part of the Series: Screening Room Series
Independent animator George Griffin has dedicated himself to the pursuit of animation as an art form. Originally from Tennessee, he became a pivotal figure of New York's experimental film scene in the 1970s with his self-reflexive, irreverent and personal films that challenge traditional notions and methods of animation. He has…
Screening Room with Caroline Leaf and Mary Beams
Part of the Series: Screening Room Series
Caroline Leaf's animated work springs from her expert storytelling and pioneering animation techniques. One significant contribution to filmmaking is her technique of manipulating sand on a light-box, which she began as a student at Harvard. She later worked as an animator and director at the National Film Board of Canada.…
Screening Room with Jan Lenica
Part of the Series: Screening Room Series
In addition to being a celebrated experimental animator, Jan Lenica (1928-2001) was a multi-talented artist known for his poetic and surreal graphic art in many forms. Whether working with film, posters, book illustrations, or designs for theater costumes or postage stamps, Lenica expressed very forcefully his satirical ideas, dark humour,…
Julien Maire & Drew Berry
Part of the Series: Masters of Art
Born in 1969 in Metz, France, Julien Maire currently lives and works in Berlin. Maire's work has been exhibited internationally in solo shows at galleries including Diderot Gallery, France; Francoise Knabe Gallery, Germany; Jacqueline Moussion Gallery, France; and group shows including Les Rencontres Internationales de la photographie, Arles, France; and…
Brian Gothong Tan & Ian Haig
Part of the Series: Masters of Art
Brian Gothong Tan was born in the Philippines in 1980 and grew up in Singapore, where he trained in fine arts, multimedia and animation. Working extensively with multimedia for theatre productions, he received the Singapore Young Designers' Award for Multimedia in 1999 and 2000. His first solo exhibition, Heavenly Cakes…
Chris Henschke & Knowles Sowerwine
Part of the Series: Masters of Art
Chris Henschke is a Melbourne-based artist who has been working with digital media for the past fifteen years. His main areas of research are in art / science relationships, interactive and hybrid media and experimental audio. Henschke is in a creative partnership 'Topologies' with Donna Kendrigan. His works have been…