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Four Films by Robert Ascher
This collection contains four animated films by writer, educator and anthropologist, Robert Ascher. These films were created using a technique called "direct animation" -- drawing with pen and ink directly on 35mm film. Films in this compilation have been included in the permanent collection of Museum of Modern Art, the…
Walking - En marchant
An artist's observation of the way people walk. Ryan Larkin (Syrinx, Cityscape) employs a variety of techniques--line drawing, colour wash, etc.--to catch and reproduce the motion of people afoot. The springing gait of youth, the mincing step of a high-heeled woman, the doddering amble of the elderly--all are registered with…
Infinite Animation by Adam K. Beckett
A series of films from filmmaker Adam K. Beckett.
The Korean Trilogy by Robert Darroll
A series of films from filmmaker Robert Darroll.
The Taiwanese Trilogy (and more) by Robert Darroll
A series of films from filmmaker Robert Darroll.
Starting point for this work was a performance text for five performers. I decided that the original text dialogue should be recorded and that I would then translate the text associatively into visual imagery. Parallel to this, the composer created a soundtrack from collected material related to the means inherent…
Lipsett Diaries
Lipsett Diaries is a descent into the maelstrom of anguish that tormented famed Canadian experimental filmmaker Arthur Lipsett, who died prematurely at age 49. Taking the form of a diary, this animated film by Theodore Ushev charts the meanderings of psychological distress, with clashes of images and sounds evoking the…
A ball goes its way in this experimental animated short.
Cosmic Imagery by Adam K. Beckett
A series of films from filmmaker Adam K. Beckett
Forming Game
Instructions: Open box. Unfold board. To begin play, place any shape on the board and interact with it with your hands. A series of forms will unfold. They may seem familiar or suggest a hidden order. Try to influence the shapes, or sit back and let them arise naturally. Do…
H'Aki is a short abstract-impressionist film in which the animation and the music were made simultaneously in an organic process of symbiotic creativity. Filmmaker Iriz Paabo tells the highly subjective story of a complete hockey game using a new cinematic vocabulary she calls "animbits." Paabo readily admits she is not…
The Quay Brothers Collected Short Films
Two of the world's most original filmmakers, identical twins Stephen and Timothy Quay have been making their unique blend of puppetry and stop-motion animation for nearly 40 years and have spawned an enormous cult following. The Quays display a passion for detail, a breathtaking command of color and texture, and…