Forbidden Films
The Hidden History of Nazi Film

Forbidden Films - The Hidden History of Nazi Film
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This documentary takes a thorough, well-researched look at the phenomenon of Nazi propaganda and, more broadly, propaganda in general. Shocking statistics convey the impact of the German film industry at the time and the reach of these films. Audience members from different cultures, ages, ...Read more

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I wonder if this would play the same way if it was released now? What a difference four years makes.

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The seductive appeal of anti-semitism is the delight most people have in finding someone else to blame for their mistakes and their life's tribulations so they don't have to really take responsibility. All they have to do is hate someone else and their pain goes away, and the Jews have ...Read more

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Since Trump was elected, a plague of trolls well indoctrinated in this propaganda have suddenly invaded YouTube preaching all these vile elements of anti-semitic hatred, trying to resurrect and rehabilitate the Third Reich, and they're serious, so this isn't anything to laugh about. It is ...Read more

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You're absolutely right-- although I think the increasing amount of Nazi propaganda online started seriously increasing around 2010. Watching these movies, if you have some educational background, is extremely enlightening as they can show an example of how effective propaganda can be very ...Read more

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Good documentary that reflects on how to deal with explosive propaganda material from the Nazi regime, how to manage the legacy of a troubled past which potentially has implications for new generations. Good documentary

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Yes, this was a new prospective I was not aware of. Truthfully, Nazi thought is some scary thought still and insidious.

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Much more interesting than "Hitler's Hollywood".

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