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Force Majeure - Turist
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I loved this movie. I giggled throughout, laughed out loud several times. Swedish dark humor at its best.

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I have seen this conflict of what we do vs who we think we are expressed in film many times ("The Treasure of Sierra Madre"), better done, but not in such beautiful mountains.

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The movie was overly long and still could not resolve the implications of a person having to make a snap decision. The role of nature vs. nurture, duty to self and others, the burdens of masculinity and femininity, panic and order, and other issues are probably too much to take on and weave ...Read more

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I much prefer this over THE SQUARE, which was all over the place. The director seems to have very compelling ideas about relationships but isn't sure how to resolve his films.

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Really don't know how I feel.

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Frank Sherman

I COMPLETELY agree with you here. I watched this movie. ANd i felt very conflicted, i don't usually. This movie is IRRESPONSIBLE on some levels but Buster and I didn't really mind it. Some times movies have to be poetry, but not every time.

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Thoughtful, sometimes intense. But, a comedy?

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Cinematically beautiful, intense moments, a bit unresolved at the end.

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The film was beautifully made and I love the ambience and backdrop. It moved too slowly for me and never truly left me fulfilled.

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Food for Ibsen to be sure. Well done but the ending seems detached.

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The psychodrama is balanced by subtle humor and relieved by expansive outdoors scenes. In the end it is a story of a husband and wife who accept their imperfections and try to do better.

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Very well made & worth watching. It is a bit slow but that only adds to the power of this morality tale. The director's other film THE SQUARE is brilliant

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A really uncomfortable question for the audience - what would you do? Great story - worth watching.

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