The Forest For The Trees

The Forest For The Trees
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Einfach genial! OK... I'm biased; I studied in Karlsruhe at the TH, so the local dialects were a treat; her schwabian marking her as a bumpkin among the local badeners. I felt her pain viscerally throughout the film. Not to spoil the ending, but I had to look up an interview with the ...Read more

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Dispiriting, though well-acted.

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Frank Sherman

It's SO GERMAN. I can't believe this movie to be "completely" hones. Let me just tell you one thing, people like that main character, woul have been seriously "corrected" in my hometown, (Santa Fe) when I lived there a very long time ago. I haven't been there in many MANY years so in all ...Read more

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As an extreme introvert myself, I can see this character did not belong in a public school classroom. I related to her difficulty in making new friends as well. It was especially painful to watch her ingratiate herself with a woman that didn't seem to like her much, and with whom she had ...Read more

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This film resembles the American feature, Frances Ha, since both Frances and Melanie have aged out of adolescence, but haven't moved on to a satisfying post-adolescent adulthood. By the end of the American film, Frances has accepted a probably sustainable compromise: instead of a career as a ...Read more

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OMG great movie, but SO depressing. Still worth watching totally. Because this can happen to anyone. Please watch out for your fellow people....

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About the saddest film I’ve seen. Very realistic portrayal of loneliness and the difficulties of being a new teacher. Quite heartbreaking.

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Tragic, uncomfortable, and all too relatable, this film is a great coming-of-age story for young adults who are trying to find their way in a new city or job. Eva Löbau is awkward and pathetic but always believable. It is incredible that Maren Ade was able to execute a film of this caliber as ...Read more

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Sometimes painful to watch this... someone trying to come into their own power. She's got a long way to go. A movie about growing pains and growing up. Weak ending; didn't really get it...

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Man, that was brutal!!! I don’t get it!!

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