Forgetful Elo

Forgetful Elo
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Super Elo
Episode 8 of Dibo the Gift Dragon
Dibo gives a friend a superhero makeover.
Elo Catches a Cold
Episode 22 of Dibo the Gift Dragon
Cro warns Elo about playing in the cold.
Elo the Brave Knight
Episode 38 of Dibo the Gift Dragon
The Cozy Land friends put on a play!
Elo the Referee
Episode 44 of Dibo the Gift Dragon
The gang decide to play a game of field hockey and Elo wants to be the referee but he finds it's hard to make fair decisions.
Elo Cleans Up
Episode 46 of Dibo the Gift Dragon
Elo can't find his favorite fireman's helmet because his place is so messy. He makes a wish but can't figure out how Dibo's gift is supposed to help him.
Dr. Elo's Hospital
Episode 49 of Dibo the Gift Dragon
Elo wants to pretend playing doctor so Dibo grants his wish and provides him with doctor toys. Dr. Elo begins taking things too seriously, rejecting his friends from playing with him!
Realizing that their lackluster fundraising efforts may bankrupt their radio network, Click and Clack use ex-Harvard professor Crusty's connections to save the day. The solution? Run for president! A visit from a local politician illuminates a loophole in campaign fundraising law that allows all excess monies raised, even in an…
Taking note of the growing trend of outsourced American labor, and bored with doing their radio show themselves, Click and Clack decide to outsource themselves. A subsequent trip to India brings them in contact with a world that actually allows them to do what they've long dreamed of - absolutely…
Boston Blackout
Things begin to look promising for Click and Clack when their most resourceful mechanic, Stash, comes up with the Wallet Vac - a robotic car-repair device intended to ease the staggering garage workload. However, in order to keep running, the Wallet Vac needs an excessive amount of electricity. After commandeering…
Pasta War
Click and Clack devise an alternative fuel-burning vehicle: the Fusilli 500, the first pasta-powered car on earth. The positive press propels the car into an immediate automotive sensation, as sales roll in at chart-topping proportions. The guys begin to bask in global praise until the Fusilli's unending demand for more…
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