Franklin and the Bumpy Buggy / It's Father's Day Franklin

Franklin and the Bumpy Buggy / It's Father's Day Franklin
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Franklin and Harriet's Buggy / Franklin Changes the Rules
Franklin and Harriet's Buggy: Franklin builds Harriet a Bumpy Buggy, but forgets to listen to what she wants. Franklin Changes the Rules: When Beaver's game of pirate treasure finders has too many rules, Franklin proposes a new game - no rules.
Franklin and the Amazing Stupendous Circus Trick / Franklin's Earth Day
Franklin and the Amazing Stupendous Circus Trick: Franklin learns to spin plates from Aunt T and is surprised to learn that the class thinks he can do far more. Franklin's Earth Day: Franklin's over-zealousness nearly ruins the classes' Earth Day project.
Franklin's Ups and Downs / Franklin's New Teacher
Franklin's Ups and Downs: When Franklin can't master his new Pogo Paws and Bear can't remember the new club password, they help each other. Franklin's New Teacher: Franklin is upset when Mr. Owl is to be temporarily replaced by a substitute teacher, but is happily surprised to find out the…
Franklin's Christmas Spirit / Franklin's Campout
Franklin's Christmas Spirit: When everyone drops out of carolling, Franklin decides to sing anyway. Franklin's Campout: Mr. Turtle substitutes for Bear on Franklin's Campout, and Franklin has to learn to be flexible in his expectations.
Franklin's Special Job / Franklin Needs a Reminder
Franklin's Special Job: Franklin searches for a Special Job, which turns out to be playing with Harriet. Franklin Needs a Reminder: Franklin uses his friendship with Bear to bend the rules.
Franklin Helps Out / Franklin's Partner
Franklin Helps Out: Franklin fulfils a promise to help Aunt T with her chores. Franklin's Partner: Franklin and Bear combine their ideas to make a great bumpy buggy.
Take Harriet with you, Franklin / Franklin's New Hat
Take Harriet with you, Franklin: Franklin and Bear are asked to watch their little sisters, throwing a wrench into their Tree Fort plans. Franklin's New Hat: Harriet makes Franklin an enormous and awkward Spring Festival hat and Franklin must confess that he accidentally wrecked it.
Franklin and the Shadow Show / Franklin's Fishing Trip
Franklin and the Shadow Show: Mrs. Turtle arrives in Franklin's class to help but has to divide her time with everyone and has little left to help Franklin. Franklin's Fishing Trip: Franklin decides to share his fort with Harriet on a family camping trip.
Franklin Flies his Kite / Franklin's Flying Lesson
Franklin Flies his Kite: Franklin is disappointed when his kite doesn't compare to his Dad's and decides to try to fly his Dad's kite - but it gets smashed. Franklin's Flying Lesson: Franklin thinks that Goose should fly and pushes his hesitant friend into trying.
It's Halloween, Franklin / Franklin the Adventurer
It's Halloween, Franklin: Franklin and Beaver help each other conquer their fears to navigate Aunt T's spook-tacular Halloween Maze. Franklin the Adventurer: Bear and Franklin elect to camp out like real adventurers - doing everything by themselves.
Franklin's Spaceship / Franklin and the Missing Monarch Mystery
Franklin's Spaceship: Franklin is so excited about playing Space Ship that he doesn't listen to what Snail wants to do. Franklin and the Missing Monarch Mystery: Franklin and the Super Cluepers find that sitting quietly is a better way to solve the mystery of the Missing Monarchs.
Little Bear's Mermaid / Father's Flying Flapjacks / Maracas
Episode 8 of Little Bear Season 1
Little Bear's Mermaid: When Little Bear's family goes on a picnic by the lake, Little Bear meets a mermaid. Father's Flying Flapjacks: Little Bear and his father surprise Mother Bear with a breakfast of Father's famous flying flapjacks. Maracas: When the Bear family cleans out the attic, Little Bear uncovers…