Franklin and the Shadow Show / Franklin's Fishing Trip

Franklin and the Shadow Show / Franklin's Fishing Trip
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Little Bear's Trip to the Stars / Little Bear's Surprise / Little Bear and the North Pole
Episode 2 of Little Bear Season 2
Little Bear's Trip to the Stars: Little Bear joins Father Bear for a night on his boat and learns about the stars and constellations that Father Bear uses as guides while sailing. Falling asleep, Little Bear dreams of playing in the stars as the constellations come alive. Little Bear's Surprise:…
Father Bear Comes Home / Little Bear's Bath / Fishing With Father Bear
Episode 4 of Little Bear Season 1
Father Bear Comes Home: Little Bear tells his friends that Father Bear is coming home with a present for him. His friends think that Little Bear will have a mermaid at his house. Little Bear's Bath: Little Bear takes a bath to get ready for Father Bear's arrival. He imagines…
Franklin's Ups and Downs / Franklin's New Teacher
Franklin's Ups and Downs: When Franklin can't master his new Pogo Paws and Bear can't remember the new club password, they help each other. Franklin's New Teacher: Franklin is upset when Mr. Owl is to be temporarily replaced by a substitute teacher, but is happily surprised to find out the…
Franklin and the Bumpy Buggy / It's Father's Day Franklin
Franklin and the Bumpy Buggy: Franklin and Bear create the first Bumpy Buggy. It's Father's Day Franklin: Franklin is so excited at making the perfect Father's Day gift for Mr. Turtle that he spends the whole day creating one and paying no attention to Dad.
Franklin's Christmas Spirit / Franklin's Campout
Franklin's Christmas Spirit: When everyone drops out of carolling, Franklin decides to sing anyway. Franklin's Campout: Mr. Turtle substitutes for Bear on Franklin's Campout, and Franklin has to learn to be flexible in his expectations.
Franklin's Special Job / Franklin Needs a Reminder
Franklin's Special Job: Franklin searches for a Special Job, which turns out to be playing with Harriet. Franklin Needs a Reminder: Franklin uses his friendship with Bear to bend the rules.
Franklin Helps Out / Franklin's Partner
Franklin Helps Out: Franklin fulfils a promise to help Aunt T with her chores. Franklin's Partner: Franklin and Bear combine their ideas to make a great bumpy buggy.
Take Harriet with you, Franklin / Franklin's New Hat
Take Harriet with you, Franklin: Franklin and Bear are asked to watch their little sisters, throwing a wrench into their Tree Fort plans. Franklin's New Hat: Harriet makes Franklin an enormous and awkward Spring Festival hat and Franklin must confess that he accidentally wrecked it.
Franklin Flies his Kite / Franklin's Flying Lesson
Franklin Flies his Kite: Franklin is disappointed when his kite doesn't compare to his Dad's and decides to try to fly his Dad's kite - but it gets smashed. Franklin's Flying Lesson: Franklin thinks that Goose should fly and pushes his hesitant friend into trying.
Franklin and the Amazing Stupendous Circus Trick / Franklin's Earth Day
Franklin and the Amazing Stupendous Circus Trick: Franklin learns to spin plates from Aunt T and is surprised to learn that the class thinks he can do far more. Franklin's Earth Day: Franklin's over-zealousness nearly ruins the classes' Earth Day project.
Franklin and Harriet's Buggy / Franklin Changes the Rules
Franklin and Harriet's Buggy: Franklin builds Harriet a Bumpy Buggy, but forgets to listen to what she wants. Franklin Changes the Rules: When Beaver's game of pirate treasure finders has too many rules, Franklin proposes a new game - no rules.
It's Halloween, Franklin / Franklin the Adventurer
It's Halloween, Franklin: Franklin and Beaver help each other conquer their fears to navigate Aunt T's spook-tacular Halloween Maze. Franklin the Adventurer: Bear and Franklin elect to camp out like real adventurers - doing everything by themselves.