The Real Price of Shipping

Freightened - The Real Price of Shipping
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In FREIGHTENED, part of the film explores how little the captains know what they are transporting on the container ships. One captain said he only knows if iron ore is in a container. In recent shipping news in Nov and Dec 2016, the Maersk-operated Maersk Laura containership, was seized by ...Read more

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Suzanne H.

More shipping news from the BBC today: "Shipping giant Maersk to split up and focus on North Sea." The film Freightened can provide a good foundation for understanding this global industry that the general public is usually not privy to.

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With Korean shipping giant Hanjin's recent bankruptcy, and many more such collapses imminent according to economic analysts, is a good time for a primer on an industry that touches all of us. I was shocked by this film. it really opened my eyes.

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Documents a critical environmental and economic challenge.

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This video has single-handedly changed the way I feel about consumer goods. Pretty scary actually. Look forward to seeing the debate that evolves around this film.

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