French Masterworks: Russian Émigrés In Paris (1923-1928)

French Masterworks: Russian Émigrés In Paris (1923-1928)
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The Burning Crucible (Le Brasier ardent)
Ivan Mosjoukine, who left a starring career in Russia for even greater glory in France, wrote and directed The Burning Crucible (Le Brasier ardent, 1923) in which he also plays…
Edmund Kean - Prince Among Lovers
By 1820, Edmund Kean is the most admired Shakespearan actor. But if his art is peerless, his free lifestyle is ill thought of, particularly by the high society. Kean has…
The Late Mathias Pascal (Feu Mathias Pascal)
Flicker Alley is proud to present this edition of The Late Mathias Pascal. It is remarkably cast with some of the great actors of that era: Ivan Mosjoukine, (as Mathias…
Alexander Kamenka, the head of Albatros, thought Jacques Feyder the greatest French filmmaker, and secured his talent for the dazzling comedy-Jean Forest (Faces of Children, Crainquebille) is Gribiche, a working-class…
The New Gentlemen (Les Nouveaux Messieurs)
The New Gentlemen,directed by Jacques Feyder, is one of the wittiest, most sophisticated comedies ever to come out of France, describes a tug-of-war over a pretty young actress between an…

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The Secret of the Pond
Part of the Series: The House of Mystery
Chapter 2 of The House of Mystery - Le Secret de l'etang (The Secret of the Pond)
Ambition in the Service of Hate
Part of the Series: The House of Mystery
Chapter 3 of The House of Mystery - L'Ambition au service de la haine (Ambition in Service of Hate)
The Implacable Verdict
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Chapter 4 of The House of Mystery - L'Implacable verdict (The Implacable Verdict)
The Human Bridge
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