Friends Like Me
Episode 13 of Dibo the Gift Dragon

Friends Like Me
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Friends Help Each Other / Daniel Helps O Tell a Story
Part of the Series: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Friends Help Each Other - Daniel spends the day at Katerina Kittycat's house. Katerina is excited to show Daniel something she made all by herself - she set up a birthday tea-party for her stuffed animals! Katerina accidentally knocks the tea set on the floor, and is very upset that…
Between Friends / The Blueberry Festival / Lucy Needs a Friend
Episode 12 of Little Bear Season 2
Between Friends: When Little Bear and Emily get the mumps they cheer each other up by making a book that recounts their fun times together. The Blueberry Festival: Little Bear and friends put on a play to celebrate the annual blueberry harvest. Lucy Needs a Friend: Little Bear gets Mother…
A Monster's Best Friend
Episode 9 of Seven Little Monsters
When the Monsters bring home a puppy for a new pet, they completely forget about Belinda the cow. When the puppy chews them out of house and home, the Monsters have to learn to love and train the canine terror and win back Belinda's affections.
Feathered Friends
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Regina, Schuyler and Anayia hit the streets of Denver to investigate what makes a good urban bird habitat, and transform a city school garden into a welcoming home for any flock of feathered friends.
Max's Froggy Friend / Max's Music / Max Gets Wet
Episode 2 of Max & Ruby Season 2
Max's Froggy Friend: Max makes friends with a frog in the creek and wants to take it home with him. Max's Music: Ruby, Valerie and Louise are practicing for the Bunny Scout concert. Max wants to play too, but just makes a lot of banging noise. Max Gets Wet: It's…
Max's Thanksgiving / Max's Pretend Friend / Fireman Max
Episode 12 of Max & Ruby Season 2
Max's Thanksgiving: Ruby and Max are at Grandma's to help with Thanksgiving dinner. Ruby is thrilled to help decorate, but Max just wants to sample Grandma's famous stuffing. Max's Pretend Friend: Ruby doesn't see that Max is playing with froggy and assumes that he's got a "pretend friend". Fireman Max:…
Family Portrait / Little Bear's New Friend / The Visit
Episode 9 of Little Bear Season 1
Family Portrait: Little Bear and his friends prepare for a family portrait by taking a lot of funny pictures. Little Bear's New Friend: Little Bear meets Emily, a young girl, who is camping nearby. They share cookies as they take the shortcut to the campground. The Visit: Emily comes to…
Rain-Dance Play / Falling Leaves / Your Friend, Little Bear
Episode 13 of Little Bear Season 1
Rain-Dance Play: Little Bear and his friends perform a play about rain. Falling Leaves: While raking leaves, Little Bear imagines playing with Emily and his friends throughout the seasons. Your Friend, Little Bear: Little Bear writes to Emily during the school year.
Picnic at Pudding Hill / Little Bear's Walkabout / Little Bear's Secret Friend
Episode 13 of Little Bear Season 2
Picnic at Pudding Hill: Little Bear and friends travel to the top of Pudding Hill for a picnic. Little Bear's Walkabout: Little Bear explores the woods and paints pictures of the mysterious creatures he meets. Little Bear's Secret Friend: Little Bear befriends a whale and keeps him secret from Father…
Dunk's New Friend / Ripple's Whale of a Tale
Part of the Series: Splash and Bubbles
Dunk's New Friend - The others are alarmed when they find out the reason Dunk is talking funny is that he has a parasite in his mouth. Dunk tells them that he doesn't want to get rid of the parasite and even thinks of it as a friend, but in…
The Imaginary Friend Problem / The Promise Problem
Part of the Series: Peg + Cat
The Imaginary Friend Problem: Peg and the dinosaurs search the jungle for Cat and Minkus, his imaginary monkey. The Promise Problem: Nothing can keep Romeo and Juliet from meeting between their balconies - except maybe a dinosaur.
Operation Secret Switcheroo / Forget-Me-Nut
Operation Secret Switcheroo: Ms. Strich makes inedible pies. Forget-Me-Nut: Everyone in the Palace loses their memory.