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Jon Heder is awesome! I loved him in Benchwarmers, too. This movie is just fantastic! It's a must see for those who love a great comedy.

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a simple plot that carries its' actors along swimmingly. and they were all up for the ride. dream weaver indeed.

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This derpy movie is so great! I definitely recommend it.

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A mellow comedy with some heart, it helped me to forget today's pain.

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Fun worth checking out

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Really liked this fun and funny movie with a refreshing story line. Awesome cast including Amy Sedaris.

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I thought I'd give this one a try, and glad I did. I found myself laughing in a lot of places. It's a subtle humor, I don't know really how to explain it. This film is a slow burn, so if you're in the mood for something moderately mellow and kind of silly this might be the thing. I want to ...Read more

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Nicki, you may want to reword some of your post, possibly for all of the grammatical and punctuation mistakes, but definitely edit and rewrite it for the way you say "flashing". When I first read your review, I initially thought you were talking about nudity. However, I read it again, and ...Read more

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Wow, Julie, thanks for your incredibly long review of Nicki's film review. It really helps those of us wondering if we should read Nicki's review.

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Ha ha, good one Kristy!

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