A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
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I liked the drug dealer guy. He was the only character with verve and should have gotten much more screen time.

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Has displaced Near Dark as the greatest vampire movie ever made in America.

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Very true to 3am

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Gorgeous cinematography and an offbeat premise--a female vampire who is both Muslim and a skateboarder; why not?--don't quite redeem the glacial pace of the movie or its abiding self-consciousness.

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If Fellini had ever made a vampire movie this would have been it.

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1/2 star for the cat.

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Loved it! The cat was a scene stealer. A beautiful film with wit and whimsy along with the darker tones. So glad I finally watched it.

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Beautiful visuals. Great use of black & white. Nice soundtrack. Sparse dialogue and very slow-paced. I enjoyed aspects, but it left something to be desired for me. 3/5

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Bravo!!! One of my favorite definitely and oh so captivating. It's easy on the eyes, but just so beautiful! I secretly fell in love with Arash right away.

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Masuka The Cat is a god.

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Walking home alone at night can be a dangerous endeavor, particularly for a girl. But the mysterious protagonist of Ana Lily Amirpour's stunning debut feature film stalks the streets of Bad City with an empowered confidence, her chador seeming to transform into a suit of armor; a mythological ...Read more

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This is the most gorgeous film critique I've ever read. I'm gonna watch it now. Thanks, stranger!

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I see some people calling this one pretentious. I like a little pretension.

It's very easy to watch -- great lighting and atmosphere, surprisingly romantic, awesome soundtrack. The Lynchian vibe is definitely strong, so if you're into that kind of thing...

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Simple and enjoyable.

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this was so lynchian i laughed at the shot of the headlights on the road

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OMG this was the most boring, pretentious movie i've ever seen.

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what more do you want?!?! bravo

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Nice movie. There are a couple of scenes that are maybe a repeated resource... just a flaw of a brilliant movie. I have to say it. I loved the cat inclusion! >"< <3

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just last night while walking to my car in Ottawa a group of grown men started shouting at me and trying to get my attention, this isn't unusual at all but its still scary to have a group of people stronger than you harassing you when you're alone at night. That's why this movie resonates ...Read more

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what do you mean? I thought it was about being good and bad, and I think is very optimistic. Nothing is painful in this movie. Everyone got what they deserved. Except for the kid... I would have given the kid a couple of watches before I left ;)

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It wasn't what I expected at all, but I rather liked it.

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Turner 2

A Movie Does Not Live Up To The Hype At Night. Yawner with a couple fun moments.

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Brilliant on so many levels.

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Fun fact: this was filmed in Bakersfield, CA. (100 miles from LA) It's a town known for being crime-ridden, and all-around dumpy. It served well for the filmmaker's setting.

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Absolutely astounding. Kicking myself for taking so long to see it!

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Lives up to its Vampire Western tag, in a good way.

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a must watch!

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Really good!

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I plan to watch again with friends

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A spaced out oddity

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oddly fascinating and intriguing

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this is a romantic comedy

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I was starting to wonder if anyone else got that. ;)

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Fascinating cat as through-line, and a metaphoric cautionary tale to men to treat women better (or else).

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