The Golden Age
Episode 1 of ¡Guitarra!

The Golden Age
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Enjoyable series, found this by chance.

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¡Guitarra! - The Guitar in Spain
Celebrated classical guitarist Julian Bream features in this series, playing some of the finest pieces in the repertoire of the Spanish guitar, including compositions by Albeniz, Granados, de Falia, Tarrega and Rodrigo. Filmed on location in Spain, the programmes trace the evolution ot the instrument from 1500 to the present…
The Baroque Guitar
Episode 2 of ¡Guitarra!
SECOND MOVEMENT- The Baroque Guitar (Courtly Dances)\n Sanz: Canarios (on baroque guitar)\n Sanz: Passacalles (on baroque guitar) Sanz: Galliardas (on baroque guitar)rehearsal on train Sanz: Galliardas (on baroque guitar) Guerau: Poema Harmonico- Canario (on baroque guitar) Guerau: Poema Harmonico- Mariona (on baroque guitar) Guerau: Poema Harmonico- Villano (on baroque guitar)…
The Classical Heritage
Episode 3 of ¡Guitarra!
THIRD MOVEMENT- The Classical Period (Rondo) Sor: Sonata in D, Op. 14, Grand Solo - Introduction Traditional-Vocal lament-unknown female singer. Sor: Sonata in D, Op. 14, Grand Solo - Allegro Aguado: Pieces for Guitar, Rondo In A Minor, Op. 2/3 Sor: Variations on a Theme by Mozart, Op.9, 01-Introduction: Andante…
The Transition to Romanticism
Episode 4 of ¡Guitarra!
FOURTH MOVEMENT- Flamenco and the Romantic Guitar (Serenade) Tarrega: Three Mazurkas: Three Mazurkas - Marieta Paco Pena segment-discussion of Flamenco influence on Spanish music. Malats/Tarrega: Serenata Espanola Tarrega: Capricho Arabe Tarrega: Prelude in A Minor (included in LP but excluded from the final film edit) Tarrega: Recuerdos De La Albambra
The Poetic Nationalist
Episode 5 of ¡Guitarra!
FIFTH MOVEMENT- Granados and the Poetic Nationalist (Rhapsody) Felipe Pedrell segment-Spanish folk song musicologist. Granados: Danzas Espanolas, Op. 37 - Andaluza Granados: Cuentos De La Juventud, Op. 1 - Dedicatoria Granados: Coleccion De Tonadillas - La Maja De Goya Granados: Valses Poeticos Granados: Danzas Espanolas for Piano, Op. 37 -…
The Spirit of Spain
Episode 6 of ¡Guitarra!
SIXTH MOVEMENT- Isaac Albeniz (Evication) Albeniz: Suite Espanola, Op. 47 - Cadiz (rehearsal in car) Albeniz: Suite Espanola, Op. 47 - Cadiz Albeniz: Suite Espanola, Op. 47 - Granada Albeniz: Suite Espanola, Op. 47 - Sevilla Albeniz: Cantos De Espana, Op. 232 - Cordoba
The Twentieth Century - The Last of the Romantics
Episode 7 of ¡Guitarra!
SEVENTH MOVEMENT- The Guitar in the Twentieth Century (Homage) Moreno Torroba: Sonatina In A - 1. Alegretto de Falla: Homenaje Por Le Tombeau De Claude Debussy de Falla: The Miller's Dance Turina: Fandanguillo, Op. 36 Ohana: Tiento
The Guitar - The Final Evocation
Episode 8 of ¡Guitarra!
EIGHTH MOVEMENT- Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez Rodrigo: Concierto De Aranjuez - Allegro Con Spirito Rodrigo: Concierto De Aranjuez - Adagio Rodrigo: Concierto De Aranjuez - Allegro Gentile
Alalá - Flamenco as an Educational Language
Alala La Escuela de Arte, an arts center for children that uses flamenco as an educational language, comes to life thanks to the efforts of well-known guitarist Emilio Caracafe, who together with other artists, offers us his personal vision of this Gypsy neighborhood, where flamenco is a productive element for…
Flamenco, Flamenco - A Musical Odyssey Through a Dynamic Art Form
An evolutionary musical odyssey through a dynamic art form, crafted by Oscar-winning filmmakers, FLAMENCO, FLAMENCO reaches beyond the borders of Spanish culture toward universal artistic expression. "You don't have to speak the language to get drawn into the captivating performances - or set your toes tapping." - Michael Rechtshaffen, Los…
Over the Waves - A Story of Flamenco in the U.S.
For over a hundred years, the art of flamenco has been crossing the ocean into distant places. Many have fallen in love with the deep song, the cry, the rhythm. OVER THE WAVES explores the tradition of flamenco art in the US: its origins, protagonists, and its identity as a…
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This feature documentary tells the courageous story of Zahira, a young woman gravely injured in the Madrid train bombing, her family and her friends, who embrace the political changes that took place in Spain following those tragic events.