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Good Time
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spoiler ahead: Not bad. The pace of it tries to blur some of the feeble writing I think. The feeling of people barreling through to a well intended goal but colliding violently with whatever gets in their way is a profound theme. Criminality is not so inherently wrong. At the end weren't ...Read more

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It was hard to decide at first if the lowish budget look was an asset or liability, but the relentless pace soon took over - and it was off to the races. Great writing, music (Oneohtrix Point Never) and, yes, Robert Pattinson. A fantastic ride.

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Great movie. Should have won an oscar but was snubbed.

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This powerful film slowly creeps up on you - and solid performances from Robert Pattinson, Benny Safdie & Jennifer Jason Leigh.

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Absolutely amazing movie. Heartbreaking. Left me lost afterward. Robert Pattinson is incredible. Amazing cast. Kanopy is such a great movie source.

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This films provides an amazing, dark interpretation of modern day society and more specifically those with in it. Questioning the way we treat and view one another, and what drives us.

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so hectic

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This kept us going until the end. I could have done without the music, it was overbearing. The acting was spot on.

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gripping soundtrack really adds something to what would be a pretty unpleasant movie to watch otherwise

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Frank Sherman

Pretty fr*cking good for a small budget, I'd say. Not the bet movie of the year but still. It had action when I didn't think it would.

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