Goodbye to Language

Goodbye to Language
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Really undisciplined, self-indulgent. Also kept slipping in and out of focus.

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Frank Sherman


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Godard. Ni plus, ni moins. C'est tout.

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If it did not go on for so painfully long, I would think it was a parody of French pomposity and pseudo intellectual BS- and I greatly admired some of this director's earlier works. Is he doing a spoof of himself? I could not get through the entire film despite several attempts to hang in ...Read more

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There is beauty in this film, in the cinematography and (maybe) in the ideas, but it is also incredibly... murky. There is no real narrative here, but, like a Jackson Pollack painting, though seemingly randomly arrayed, it still causes the mind to spin. That being said, I could have done ...Read more

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Misogynistic French blowviating.

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Don't you want to unpack your reaction to this film a bit better?

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Ha I am a big fan of this director but enough is enough, I could not get through even 5 minutes

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Thats an interesting reaction. I am a big fan and it still fascinates me, even if it seems random and chaotic and haphazardly done. hes saying a lot about how images play an effect on us at different levels. Thats why he's overlapping sounds and images that dont go together. He also brings up ...Read more

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OK JAson

I will try it again and give it more time and an open mind since you sing the movie's praises. I will reconnect with you to see if I changed my mind.

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amazing. I loved it.

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Next time I suffer from insomnia, I'll know what film to watch.

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Most pretentious crap (in French)

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