The Greasy Strangler

The Greasy Strangler
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This film was clearly designed for the sole purpose of provoking you and ruining your appetite, possibly forever, It's a slavering mass of coiled, squirming neuroses, irredeemably awkward dorkiness and deviant nonsensical weirdness. Don't watch unless you're prepared to love it unashamedly ...Read more

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Wow. What a nightmare.

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If you're craving something reminiscent of early John Waters, check this out (make sure you have a sturdy gag reflex). Also, if you have any sexual urges to speak of, watching this film will make them go away, perhaps permanently.

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I gave this a 1 because 0 isn't an option. Only watched to the end because I used a precious credit on it, but couldn't even keep my eyes open from the grossness at points. I would not have made it through without the loving support of my spouse by my side. This reminded me of the Lady Divine ...Read more

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so much to like, so much to hate. wasnt expecting to see it here but glad to see it!

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a very strange cinematic achievement.

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