The Greenhouse of the Future

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Excellent film!

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If you bring your own reusable grocery bag to the supermarket, or buy "green" products, you're already engaging in sustainable living practices. But you might not be aware of the other steps you could be taking, both small and large, to make an impact and save money wherever you live,…
Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska
Five episodes of the popular, public televison series, Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska, are offered here to introduce you to a new, more satisfying way of life: frugal, conscious, sustainable living. Simple Living - which made its debut in 2004 as the first nationally syndicated television series of its kind…
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Based on the PBS series Edens Lost and Found, Going to Green was developed to provide a standards-based environmental education curriculum for schools, colleges, and communities. Halfway through the Chicago filming of Edens Lost and Found, one of the individuals interviewed said "You know, children are our future. If we…
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'Indonesia Green Village, Venezuela Cassava Fuel, Jordan Water, Green Trams, USA Sustainable Gardening, Inca Climate Theory
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Kilowatt Ours
Did you know that by recycling a single aluminum can we conserve enough energy to power a regular TV for a whole hour? Did you know that if every home in America used just one energy efficient light bulb that we would instantly cut greenhouse gas emissions by 1 trillion…
Environmentally Sustainable Construction
Environmentally Sustainable Construction is a philosophy for designing and constructing homes and communities. By incorporating these principles, architects, designers, builders and tradesmen can create a living environment that is truly sustainable. Each chapter in the DVD is devoted to separate concepts that combine to contribute to the overall philosophy. ENVIRONMENTAL…
Thom Mayne - U.S. Federal Office Building, San Francisco
The Pritzker-prize winning architect Thom Mayne has been identified with muscular, bold, steel-and-glass design since the founding of his firm, Morphosis, in 1971. With the Federal Office Building in San Francisco, Mayne proves that innovative and sustainable architecture can be introduced successfully into a building type typically considered predictable and…
Mohamed Hage: The World's First Organic Rooftop Farm
Interview with Mohamed Hage, who is turning the flat rooftops of Montreal's industrial buildings into fertile farms that feed thousands--and he's making a profit in the process. Hage, a self-described "technology geek" turned urban farmer, explains the genesis and genius of Lufa Farms in this Green Interview. After 7 years,…
A Passion for Sustainability
Envision a society where economic opportunity, social justice and sustainable culture all spring from environmental stewardship. Imagine a world where nurturing the health of the planet is the catalyst for global financial success and social stability. Can you? Ten years ago, fourteen business owners in Portland, Oregon did just that.…
Fresh Food from Your Own Garden
Explore the benefits of local, sustainable food production and find realistic ways you can become more involved with your food, from seed to fork. Learn simple methods for growing fruit, vegetables, and herbs--even if you live in a city apartment--and about revolutionary gardening philosophies and gastronomic movements, including Slow Food.
KieranTimberlake - Loblolly House (2007) and Cellophane House (2008)
KieranTimberlake, an architectural firm based in Philadelphia, is a recognized leader of the "green" architecture movement in the U.S. As this film illustrates, its founders Stephen Kieran and James Timberlake have been developing innovative means to combine sustainable design principles with off-site construction for the mass customization of houses. The…