The Life and Work of Filmmaker Hal Ashby

Hal - The Life and Work of Filmmaker Hal Ashby
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Being There beguiled me when I was a TV-addicted child, then Harold and Maude blew my 21-year-old mind when I saw it on a cross-country hitchhiking trip in 1990. Somehow I never connected them with the same director, let alone one with a name: Hal Ashby. It's weird what blind spots can ...Read more

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thank you AMY SCOTT for making this film~!

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Like Ben said!
I used to teach freshmen college students for awhile at CSU and I think they saw most of his films. Why? Because they'd say, "What was it *really* like back then? " This was 2008/2015. Was amazed at how far the jaws of this supposedly "sophisticated" generation dropped ...Read more

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You'll be able to find HAROLD AND MAUDE on Kanopy! We've let our Licensing Team know of your request for more Hal Ashby titles - we hope we'll be able to offer them soon.

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yes yes yes please! Being There is a film everyone should see. Especially NOW...please consider adding it. The Landlord is also important. I've never seen Coming Home and would love to find it here!

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yes yes!

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c'mon kanopy, now we need his film films on here!

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I adore Ashby's work and have been waiting for a doc about him - had no idea there was one, brand new!

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Well done doc about a true original. Ashby's films informed the politics of my teenage years for which I am indebted to him.

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Harold and Maude and Being There are two of my favorite movies. Now I want to see all of the movies Hal directed. Great Stuff!

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His stuff is great! Coming Home is amazing, and the oft-overlooked The Landlord is wonderful as well. His cinematography was ahead-of-the-time and un-appreciated (at the time....still unappreciated now IMO) by critics and film historians (including fast but meaningful cuts, 360-degree ...Read more

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