Happy People: A Year in the Taiga
Life in the Siberian Wilderness

Happy People: A Year in the Taiga - Life in the Siberian Wilderness
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Fascinating and beautiful. I do wonder about the lives of the village's women who are barely pictured; I imagine they have stories to tell, too.

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Talk about resourceful, these people live off the land in ways we can only imagine. Skilled craftsman, avid hunters and fisherman, what's not to admire of such strong, hardworking people.

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Herzog is not reluctant to romanticize a way of life that is deeply traditional and by necessity of geography and remoteness one of resourcefulness and simplicity. There is a strain of championing pre-modernism for its contrariness to contemporary living that feels reductive. But you could ...Read more

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Beautiful film of a way of life that remains connected to the earth.

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Stunning scenery and sobering look at life in remote Russia. I heard reviewers debate whether they felt sorry for the Siberian fur trappers or whether they celebrated the simplicity of the life. It's certainly interesting to see life without all the materialistic comforts we have, and ...Read more

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An intimate look into the challenging lifestyle of families of fur trappers leaving deep in the Siberian taiga. Beautifully filmed, and a very real portrayal of these honest and hard-working men.

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