The Power of the Mind and Our Ability to Heal

Heal - The Power of the Mind and Our Ability to Heal
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If I am sick I have faith with God will heal me.

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I love the film.

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Meh on the first half of this film. The second half saved it, because the politics behind our health is important to understand. Big Pharma is a political machine, not a health care product/service provider. I am very into the relationship between the body and soul(mind), energy transfer, ...Read more

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The program was inspiring. I have seen situations of healing with the mind. May you educate yourself!!!

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It was all well and good until I saw chopra. Quantum consciousness, oh HELL no.

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Positive stuff.

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Is this a joke? I clicked Science, Nature, and Technology and the first result is "energy medicine". Load of bullshit.

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Jokes on you then ?????

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