Heartstone - Hjartasteinn
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dear GOD this is a depressing movie. It's all good and fun, with great setting (and honestly iceland is so beautiful). The characters are interesting, the story isn't half bad, but man, when I finished it, I just didn't want to sleep anymore because I was suddenly depressed. These kind of ...Read more

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Quinn Isaiah

It seems that commenters are limiting their own scope of Christian as a character by diluting him to the surface of a queer child's identity, thereby completely erasing his personhood. Christian attempted suicide for many reasons. The pain that Christian endured was more than sexually driven ...Read more

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So Quinn from Howard University, if one does not like the film and therefore disagrees with your opinion one is dangerously misconstruing it? I say reducing characters to simplistic stereotypes is misconstruing truth.

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Quinn Isaiah

My point was that Christian wasn’t which is why I used misconstrued. I think you did not see the character’s depth, which can happen sometimes.

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This movie reminded me why I left a small, rural town.

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Very dated sensibilities. Here we have the pathetic young gay kid who attempts suicide because of unrequited love towards a straight friend. Has this filmmaker never been exposed to the New Queer Cinema of the 1990s? So much has changed in film. Yes it's well done but why??? This is the ...Read more

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Quinn Isaiah

I think you're limiting your own scope of Christian as a character. You dilute him to the surface of a queer child's identity, thereby completely erasing his personhood. Christian attempted suicide for many reasons. The pain that Christian endured was more than sexually driven but driven by ...Read more

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Tim, I get your point and I agree that films representing LGBTQ have come a long way from what this film presents. But remember that the American culture does not reflect and represent the rest of the world, if gay is accepted and in a much-advanced state now in the U.S., it is still an ...Read more

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This is the result of Divorce and alcoholic families, skids are not healthy and happy

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so intimate, so important

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Scenery was stunning. Their idyllic and rugged land is broken by the very imperfect worlds that the adults and young teens create. It reminds me that we overcome our childhoods is nothing short of a miracle. In the end, this is another coming of age movie, with two teen boys trying to figure ...Read more

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I love coming-of-age movies, and sexual preference is irrelevant. This film is about intimacy, and a culture that more often than not drinks away its feelings instead of talking about them. This boy from Eastern Europe brings with him a tenderness to all living things, and that starts a ...Read more

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Well that was beautiful

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i have nothing else to add, everyone else has said all i could hope to express. highly recommend this film.

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This movie is an achievement on all levels. Technically that wickedly beautiful land must have been an incredible challenge to shoot. The wind, the air, the light, the shadows. As for the actors, I was given a full meal of a person no matter what portion of screen time they were allotted. ...Read more

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Overall, I'm compelled to agree with Jonathan's assessment. Many of the themes touched on by the film are instantly recognizable as the negative values and behaviors traditionally associated with oppressive small-town life: the small-minded gossip, feral youth bursting with raging hormones ...Read more

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So much works in this film (the acting, the cinematography) that it took me a while to realize just how cliched and retrograde the story is. I won't spoil the plot here, but the major developments make Heartstone in line with an unenlightened 1950s American melodrama.

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Agreed. There was ost opportunity in this film as in so many gay-explorative/oriented works; it almost seems as though such are fated to have overall negative impact. Actually, gays are jut as apt to have happy experiences and lives as anybody else. A pity that films and novels can't seem to ...Read more

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Loved it, even if it was heartbreaking.

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Beautifully done. Be prepared for sad things though.

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Quite honestly I lost it. I don't know why films like these don't get more traction. These are important subjects to explore. I speak a little Icelandic, so that is what drew me to it, but the film truly deserves a world-wide audience.

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This is a very well done film at times so poignant with the harsh realities of a small town and coming of age .. very touching and beautiful scenery

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