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Helvetica - Typography, Graphic Design and Global Visual Culture
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Discovering documentaries about my occupation is always exciting, but this felt like a homecoming; like learning about the composers of the music that's been in the background of my life. This doc presents the movement of Helvetica through human culture in an interesting way, and does so with ...Read more

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The people they interview are often times absolutely hilarious characters. Even if you have no interest in the subject matter, this thing is great.

Joseph avatar

If you have any interest in graphic design, either as a professional or as someone with an interest in art or art history, this film is a must see. It's not just a cheerleader for Helvetica the font, but examines the social impact of typography and design in the modern world by designers who ...Read more

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We're all guilty of underestimating the impact of design in the world around us, and this documentary delves deep into one of the world's most ubiquitous typeface, yet it still works in the right context.

Wendy avatar

Not just about Helvetica, this ambitious doc covers the history of typefaces and graphic design, interviews designers from eras reaching back to the 1960s, addresses the backlash against Helvetica and modernism, and inserts in viewers the visual equivalent of an "earworm"—I can't stop seeing ...Read more

Chase avatar

Despite being the butt of many jokes upon it's release, this documentary is legitimately stellar. While the fine arts crowd sycophantically sang the praises of the titular typeface and the general public ironically endured the seemingly dry conceit, the reality is that the filmmakers deftly ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Interesting perspectives on Helvetica and typography - the whitespace, creativity or individuality or lack thereof, etc., but the film communicates a very male-dominated representation of typography and design in general - the two women seemed to be interviewed just to be the token female ...Read more

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This documentary about typography is well made and very interesting. I have been a font monger for quite some time, so it was fascinating to hear from a range of designers whose entire lives are dedicated to the presentation of text. Also raises many philosophical questions about creativity ...Read more

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I thought I would revisit my roots, and I found Helvetica to more powerful and simple to understand than the first I saw this film in high-school. To my surprise I had a lot of comments about a shirt I was wearing today, and I did not realize the font was Helvetica. Hindsight right.. This ...Read more

Josh avatar

A strong documentary overall. Love it or hate it, this typeface is ubiquitous for a reason, and it has a personality of its own if you examine it a little closer. This film explores some of the deep thinking and countless hours of inspiration and iteration that went into creating Helvetica. ...Read more

Jack avatar

Like it's subject [Helvetica] This is a clean well crafted film which challenges the viewer to assume responsibility for what they see. The film raises a larger question about creation. Not the biblical kind, but the ability to turn something sharp by using one's personality rather than a ...Read more

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I have been wanting to see this doc for a long time as I’d heard so much about it, love design and was intrigued about Helvetica as a font being so pervasive. Very interesting films and I still can’t decide on my own relationship with Helvetica. Regardless, very exciting to see such ...Read more

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