Here One Day
A Family Copes with Mental Illness

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This is a very intimate documentary about living with a mother who has bipolar disorder, and I am grateful to Kathy for having made this film. It is inspiring to me as a storyteller and as a mother with my own bouts of depression. "Hug someone you love," is a good ending: Hug them now, ...Read more

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This is a very moving, honest, brave portrait made by a grieving daughter for her lost mother. Kathy Leichter's unflinching look at her mother's life and the illness which caused her death is one of the most compelling portraits of the effects of bipolar disorder I've ever seen. I cannot ...Read more

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This fall, Active Minds @ MIT had the pleasure of hosting Kathy Leichter for a screening of "Here One Day" that was open to all members of the Cambrige/Boston/MIT community. The movie was touching and honest, and prompted a very involved and thought-provoking conversation amongst audience ...Read more

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This documentary was amazing. It addresses the issues of depression, mental health, and suicide from the perspective of those loved ones left behind and does it in such a way that truly makes you think about mental health in a different way.

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Here One Day was incredibly moving to watch as somebody who works on suicide prevention and other mental health efforts at my school. The film offered a great insight into the life of someone living with a mental illness. For people who aim to empathize with those suffering from a mental ...Read more

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this is a great story

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very touching story

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The suicide of Robin Williams is tragic. My heart goes out to his family, friends, and to all of us. A tremendous loss. My day is filled with a mix of sadness which makes me want to just sit and cry and a rage and agency to do 100 times the amount of work with Here One Day, to spread the film ...Read more

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