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Beautiful film. It says lots of subtle things, but leaves it up to each person's heart to interpret it. I've had a crush on Sam Elliot since i was a teenager. He's still gorgeous...And his love interest was a perfect casting choice. The poetry at the end made me want to check out Edna St. ...Read more

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This is a very enjoyable movie - not like some of the 'romantic-sex' movies where romance = sex in your face thru the entire movie. Not a lot of swearing either - Sam is great as always Laura - beautiful as always.

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I saw this bc. of how I enjoy both Eliot and Prepon. Lots of that, and rewarding as a film. Wish there were more inter-age movies with the genders reversed, and more complex treatment of cancer in moves, as it is part of a full cross section of people's lives.

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Frank Sherman

I agree 100% with everything that you said here in this message. 100%

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I found this after "Hearts Beat Loud" which was a charmer of a film, unfortunately this one is not! I don't know what this film wants to be but it really isn't anything at all. Someone else commented that it's just a story, but a story with no character development isn't really worth telling ...Read more

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Such a romantic movie! Tear-jerker too! Sam Eliot and Laura Prepon wooo, chemistry!

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Watched it, and listened to it, of course, for Sam Elliott. Perfect role for him. Agree with another reviewer he could have handled more. Unfortunately the takeaway from the movie is it sucks getting old, forget the cancer, that’s just a distraction.

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Velos y

Very sweet and tender and lovely and real. I don't see any real need to overanalyse it (ahem, Andi from Palos Verdes), it's not trying to be A Film!, it's merely telling a story.

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Not really worth my time. If you are into character study, then it would probably interesting. But from a general public viewer's perspective. It speaks nothing of hope that is about to confront the protagonist. Totally not worth my time. Way too slow. If there isn't good story, any length of ...Read more

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An enjoyable film that was a little slow and needs editing. Sam Elliot does a powerful job in the main role. A strong supporting actor foundation. Not the best film, but not the worst. Above average. I would say 3 to 3.5 stars.

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I enjoyed this movie very much. Don't over analyze, just enjoy the simplicity of the characters. I appreciate the lack of over acting and melodramaty!

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I really wanted to like this; Eliott is wonderfully honest as the grizzled has-been but the director doesn't seem to know what to do with him. Edna St. Vincent Millay? Serioiusly? Repeated shots of ocean waves and empty hills? It's too bad because in the hands of a competent director who was ...Read more

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Excellent , quiet, lovely.

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Wasn't interested in another May-Dec romance, but nevertheless, watched it for Sam Elliot. Another one that I "waited" through, but could not appreciate. Elliot could have handled more substance. (Mistakenly thought this was listed under comedies.)

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I enjoyed this movie, puts a lot of things into perspective. Some moments were a bit hard to watch but overall it was really good.

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Fantastic movie about life turns and changes 10 in my book

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"It ain't over till it's over."
Yogi Berra

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