His Girl Friday

His Girl Friday
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One of my favorite movies.

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I like this charming cast better than Front Page, and who delivered the lines. The only derogatory word was the reference to the baby born in the car, who was called a P---------y! Shows how easy it was to keep insulting one specific ethnic community amongst many. I appreciated that the other ...Read more

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Jacqueline, do you mean to say that this is a cut and censored version? I don't know how to feel about that. Certainly respect is very important, but I wonder if that actually makes us more complacent and ignorant of what actually was going on, as you say "how easy it was". Thank you for ...Read more

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Mei Mei

I watched this because Bianca del Rio recommended it for learning how to become wittier! Aha!!!

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An awesome and utterly delirious screwball comedy. Also a great satire of yellow journalism.

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Frank Sherman

Personally, never seen it. BUT, i feel like it's going to be very good even with and white. Havent' had a drank in ONE YEAR. So this movie might be my annicersary present.

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Could you imagine having to learn the lines in some of these scenes? SO MANY LINES! And delivered at a pace that is insanely fast but still intelligible.
I'd love to see a remake of this, maybe with Emma Stone and Kate McKinnon. But there would have to be less suicide attempts and state ...Read more

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Hey Bill, A great portion of this movie is ad-lib. Look it up.

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One of my all time favorite movies!

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Awesome oldies but goodies

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Same here!

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Snappy dialogue for sure... Typical for the era, but you don't see back-and-forth like too much anymore.

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The only character to like in this film is the poor fellow who is to be hanged.

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Why do you think that? How's it possible? There was more than one character in the movie.

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