The History of the United States - 1850 through Present Day
Part of the Series: A Nation Of Immigrants

The History of the United States - 1850 through Present Day
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From the creators of the best-selling documentaries UP FROM SLAVERY, VIETNAM: 50 YEARS REMEMBERED, and LAWMEN OF THE OLD WEST Mount up! The cavalry has been part of America's history from before the nation was founded and is still in service today. Charge into the fight with this 5-part series…
The Origins
Learn about the first cavalries assembled by the Greeks and their historical importance, leading to the formation of the first regiments in the New World that will fight for independence and win the Civil War
Custer and the West
Go west as the United States expands and pushes into new territories in detailed accounts of Wounded Knee, the Battle of Little Bighorn, and the creation of the Buffalo Soliders
The Rough Riders
Charge into the fight with Teddy Roosevelt as he leads troops into Cuba and the battlefield begins to change with a new invention of war
Patton and World War II
Join the General who will revolutionize the cavalry and lead it from the last battle fought on horses to modern tanks and inventions that will win WWII and be the next generation of armored cavalry
The Modern Cavalry
Ride with the air cavalry and regiments that have fought in Vietnam, Iraq, and today's front lines. The U.S. Cavalry is still an example of excellence, pride, and tradition, and still play a critical role in our armed forces today.
America Becomes a World Power
The United States was a devastated union at the close of the Civil War. But within forty years the nation would rise from the ashes to become a unified world power. From controversial expansionism, through war in the Caribbean and Pacific, tumult in Asia and troubles at home, the country…